Lead Times: MACH II™ 5", 6", 5"/6" Gutter Machines: 4 weeks | SSQ II™, SSH™, and SSR™ Roof Panel Machines: 42 weeks | SSH™, SSR™, and SSQ II™ Roller Sets: 6-8 weeks

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Lead Times on NTM’s Portable Rollformers: Worth the Wait?

Lead times on NTM machines have nearly doubled over the past year. Is it worth waiting when other brands can deliver faster? Find out how the wait for your NTM rollformer can pay off in the long run by providing a reliable machine that will last the life of your business.

Rick Zand February 27, 2024

Lead times on New Tech Machinery’s (NTM) portable rollformers have continued to grow as more and more orders roll in. It’s a problem every company wants—a backlog of orders. It speaks to the quality and reputation of our machines, and we’re thankful to our customers for their patience while waiting for their orders to arrive. 

So, is an NTM portable rollforming machine worth the wait? This article will give you some food for thought, but from what we know of our metals contractors and manufacturers, once they receive their machines, they don’t think about the lead times; they’re too busy running panels and increasing profits.  Ultimately, however, you’ll have to decide what’s right for your business. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The reasons lead times exist and what NTM is doing to reduce them
  • Why owning an NTM portable rollformer is worth the wait
  • What you can do to get your machine when you need it

Mike Lemke picking up his fifth NTM portable rollformer

Why Lead Times Exist 

Many factors can impact the lead times on an NTM machine. A few years back, the pandemic disrupted the supply chain and slowed the delivery time of the manufacturing materials we needed. Now, the supply chain has picked up, but so has the metal industry! Construction for metal roofing and siding is growing yearly as consumers see its advantages, such as durability, aesthetics, recyclability, and longevity. 

According to Metal Construction News’ 2023 Top Metal Builders report, demand for metal has increased for contractors and manufacturers. The combined purchasing of metal was 2,751.8 tons in 2022, up from 2,176.2 tons in 2021. 2023 anticipated a greater increase as well, and predictions show continued growth in the metal construction industry through the next decade. 

Consequently, there’s been an increased demand for portable rollformers as more contractors enter the expanding metal construction market.  While we’re happy to see this, it’s also means we’ve had more orders come in than ever in NTM’s over 30-year history as a company. 2023 was by far our biggest growth year on record, and we expect 2024 to be no different.

Simply put, it’s the old rule of supply and demand. Currently, demand is stronger than supply, and at NTM we’re working hard to keep up. At this writing, the lead time for panel machines is 35 weeks and five weeks for gutter machines. While this is longer than we’d like, we refuse to cut corners or compromise the quality of our machines. We won’t back down on safety, testing, or producing new features that enhance machine operation for the owners. 

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When you buy a machine from NTM, know that you are getting the highest quality rollformer on the market, hand-assembled, thoroughly tested, and given the best warranty and support available. We say this primarily based on the feedback we receive from our customers. With proper maintenance and care, NTM machines can last the life of your business.

We’ve had our machines referred to as printing presses for money. Customers tell us how quickly they pay for themselves: sometimes in a year, months, or even with just one job. We feel great about the success NTM customers have had using our machines. Our mission is to continue to make the best portable rollformers available so that contractors can focus on the business of metal roofing and not machine issues that often plague lesser-quality metal panel and gutter machines.

So, maintaining our quality does not reduce the lead time, and we’ll never change that. Instead, we’re restructuring our plant to create a larger assembly space. In Aurora, Colorado, we’ve moved our gutter operations to another building, opening up space for panel machine assembly. This should increase our output by several machines per month.

Also, in our manufacturing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, we’ve constructed a new building to expand those operations. While some of these changes are costly, all our efforts go toward increasing our output while maintaining our high standards and reputation as an industry leader in portable rollforming.

Assembly area at the NTM plant in Aurora, Colorado.
Assembly area at the NTM plant in Aurora, Colorado

NTM’s Quality, Service, and Reputation: Worth the Wait

NTM is the leading manufacturer of portable metal rollformers with the best brand recognition and reputation anywhere. With proper care, you’ll have it for life. We have owners who have passed their machines on to the next generation, or sold them at the end of their careers for as much or more than they paid, as their value can increase over time. 

Warranty and Service

NTM machines include a 3-year limited parts and in-house labor warranty, ongoing service and support, and free training for new machine owners at our Aurora, Colorado, facility.  While our service team is only a phone call away, you don’t have to wait for a call back to get answers to your machine questions. Our Learning Center contains instructive videos and articles that can help you maintain your machine, make proper adjustments, profile changeovers, and more.  We continue to create content that will help support you out in the field. 

Rollformer Improvements

The NTM team of engineers is constantly finding ways to improve our machines, whether by adding safety mechanisms, like LED lights that show you when a cover is offset, to powder-coated covers to dampen any reflection and keep the machine cooler, to adding a controller screen that adjusts to the height of the operator. The machine you order today may include new features when it arrives at your shop.

NTM’s Rollformer Business Boost

If you’ve ordered an NTM machine and have jobs to complete during the lead time, you can connect to metal manufacturers to provide panels until your machine arrives. That will keep your business going and your customers happy. 

Once your machine arrives, however, you’ll have more control over your operation and production quality, and by cutting out the middleman, you’ll see your profits increase.  You’ll have less wasted materials and less time between jobs as you won’t have to wait for panels to be fabricated and delivered. Besides the jobs you already have, contractors may come to you for panel fabrication. In short, you should have plenty of work with new opportunities coming that you may not have anticipated. 

Crew running a gutter from a portable seamless gutter machine.

Tips for Buying a Rollformer

First, don’t wait to get your order in. Get the process going as soon as possible. If you don’t need your machine until spring, place your order eight or nine months in advance. Factor in the current lead time, updated weekly on our website, and training time for the machine operators. We recommend training at our plant in Aurora, Colorado, which is free to new machine owners. NTM also offers onsite training for older machine owners at an additional charge.

Next, don’t delay your order until December to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction. The IRS Section 179 deduction states that the equipment must be in your possession by the end of the calendar year, so be aware of that when considering your purchase. Ultimately, however, you can order anytime during the calendar year and receive the credit, so why not purchase your machine earlier to increase your production capacity?

Lastly, you can check for machine availability through our distributors. Occasionally they keep machines in stock, although they go very quickly given the high demand.

Rollformer lifted to roof level and fabricating a panel on top of an industrial building.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re unsure where to start with purchasing an NTM rollformer, begin by exploring our machines to figure out which best fits your needs. Study the specifications and profiles on our website. Also, you’ll find valuable videos and articles in our Learning Center. Once you’ve done your research, you can contact any of our account managers who will answer your questions, review the machine options, and discuss your needs and requirements in more detail to provide your quote.

Our panel machines can be used for residential or commercial work. Your choice may depend on how often you plan to use the machine, the types of jobs you bid on, the profiles you’ll need, and the crew you have running it. The SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine, our flagship model, is perfect for busy contractors who need roofing and wall panels and can use a versatile, user-friendly system with multiple options. Other owners may opt for the SSH™ MultiPro, a real workhorse roof panel machine.  Some contractors, especially those starting out, may do fine with our most basic and affordable model, the SSR™ MultiPro Jr. We also offer specialty machines, such as our 5VC-5V™ Crimp Machine and WAV™ Wall Panel Machine.  

Although we’re working to reduce lead times, we anticipate they will continue, especially as demand for portable rollformers increases. Check our website weekly for updates on lead times for our portable metal panel and gutter machines, as well as for our roller sets. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced account managers to discuss your needs further.

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