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Best Ways to Prevent Voiding Your Portable Rollforming Machine Warranty

A portable rollforming machine is a big investment. Knowing how you can prevent voiding your warranty is one step in protecting that investment. Learn what steps you can take in this article.

Katie Bowles April 26, 2023
three-year limited warranty with the word void stamped across it

Owning and operating a portable rollforming machine is a significant but potentially worthwhile investment for your metal roofing or gutter installation business. That’s why manufacturers have warranties on their products, so you’re ensured that the equipment is made to their standards and free from issues. But how can you make sure you don’t void your warranty?

At New Tech Machinery, our Service department has helped thousands of clients with warranty claims and getting the necessary service and replacement parts to keep your equipment running. They also know what steps you can take as a machine owner to prevent voiding your warranty. 

In this article, we’ll explain what your NTM machine warranty says and cover the best ways to prevent voiding that warranty and keep your equipment running correctly.

What Is New Tech Machinery’s Manufacturer’s Warranty?

In order to understand how you can best prevent voiding the warranty, it’s essential that we go over what the warranty says.

New Tech Machinery’s limited three-year parts warranty begins the month and year it was built. You can find out the date of your machine model by locating your serial number and the last four digits are the month and year it was built. The model and serial number are vital information for the Service department as they can provide many details about your machine, warranty, customer history, etc.

The warranty as it applies to NTM, states that the machine will be free from manufacturing issues / defects under normal operating conditions. If, in the three-year period, you encounter any defects or premature issues, NTM will replace or repair the part or assembly of the machine.

Warranty claims must be made in writing, and written permission must be received from NTM or an NTM-authorized agency for any warranty returns. All returns require pre-authorization and an explanation of the defect and operating conditions when the defect was found.

How to Ensure You Don’t Void Your NTM Machine Warranty

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There are some common ways people void their manufacturer’s warranty, so knowing what you can do to prevent that from happening is essential. Some of these tips may seem like a no-brainer, but even the most seasoned machine operators still make mistakes!

Let’s review how you can keep from voiding your machine warranty. (This should not be an exhaustive list of what would qualify as keeping the manufacturer’s warranty active, but they are common best practices our Service team recommends to clients. Always follow the proper safety precautions.)

#1 DON’T use your machine outside of NTM’s recommendations and specifications

There are many ways that someone can use their portable rollforming machine the wrong way: putting material in the wrong way, using the wrong type of material, not inspecting the internal parts before using, among others. 

If you aren’t ensuring the proper safety processes are in place when operating your portable rollformer, that can cause major issues down the line and void your warranty if you encounter a problem. Always refer to your owner’s manual for best practices and recommended materials / specifications to keep your warranty intact.

Even using the wrong cleaning products like harsh chemicals or solvents on your drive rollers could cause damage later on, but it wouldn’t be covered under the warranty. If you’re not properly maintaining and cleaning your machine, like not lubricating your shear blades regularly or using the wrong hydraulic fluid, your warranty could be voided if you bring in your machine with problems later.

If you use your machine excessively or in a heavy-duty way, any damage or issues with your machine may not be covered. For example, if you’re a “chop and drop” business, running panels at your shop to deliver and drop off for roofing installers, and you use your machine to run 10,000 square feet of material daily, that’s considered heavy use and your rollers may become prematurely worn. Replacement parts for your machine wouldn’t be covered by your warranty because it’s not considered “normal operating conditions”.

Any vehicle accidents while transporting your machine, or failure to properly tow your machine and trailer, would also deny coverage under your warranty terms.

Download the complete roof panel and gutter machine maintenance schedule

Your NTM portable rollforming machine is engineered for certain types, thicknesses, and material grades.

Acceptable materials you can use on your rollforming machine include:

  • Painted steel
  • Painted aluminum
  • Copper

Check your machine manual or visit our website for more information about the gauges, thicknesses, and material types your specific machine can run.

Using materials outside of what we recommend could crash or damage your machine, wear out the rollers, and void your machine warranty. If you notice the material has any issues, stop running it and get a new one. If you notice any defects in the material before you run it through your machine, avoid using it and contact your coil supplier.

#3 Make sure you’re properly storing your machine when not in use

Understanding the proper way to store your machine can keep it from getting damaged, needing repairs or new internal parts, and ultimately can help keep any potential service under your three-year warranty. 

Storing your machine correctly involves more than just keeping it covered and inside. Let’s review some tips to keep your machine properly stored:

  • If you have to store your machine outdoors, ensure it has all guards and covers secured, is covered with a tarp or canvas machine cover, and is properly ventilated to allow condensation or humidity to escape.
  • Treat your roller sets (with carnauba wax) you aren’t currently using and ensure they’re kept inside a crate. Keep the crate well-ventilated so rollers don’t get a build-up of condensation or rust.
  • Don’t leave material inside your machine during transportation or when storing your machine. This can cause the rollers to flatten, damage, and collect dirt or debris.
  • If you plan to leave your machine stored on an open trailer, ensure the trailer is enclosed or properly covered from the elements.

You can also check out this article further discussing the best practices for storing your machine properly.

An SSQ II machine sits on a trailer inside a shop

#4 Perform regular inspections and maintenance of your rollforming machine

Making sure you regularly inspect and maintain your portable rollforming machine is a great way to keep your machine working smoothly and prevent voiding your warranty if you do encounter any issues.

Using New Tech Machinery-manufactured replacement parts and accessories is a solid way to prevent voiding your machine warranty. We never recommend buying replacement parts for your machine (like electrical components) from an online supplier or other portable ollforming manufacturer because it’s not guaranteed to work or fit. If that part causes damage to your machine, the service needed to take care of the part would not be covered.

While it may be obvious to some, don’t make any unauthorized repairs or modifications to your machine. Anything you do to your machine outside of the original manufacturing / engineering / design of the NTM machine (like swapping machine parts with other machines or altering the machine in any way) is not covered under the warranty. 

#5 Understand what’s not covered in your warranty

(article) Portable Rollforming Machine Warranties: What Do Manufacturers Offer?

While warranty documents may not be exciting to read, knowing what they say can help you understand what may or may not be included if you need to file a claim. It can also help you know what you’d be on the line for and take necessary precautions when using your machine. 

NTM’s warranty does not cover or include the following:

  • Travel, on-site labor, or other expenses that an NTM Service Technician may incur to go to your location and service the machine, unless it has already been preauthorized by NTM that we’ll cover the expenses.
  • Claims for material used or processed by you or NTM at any time, including while making any warranty repairs.
  • Any labor costs that are incurred by the purchaser of the machine during the warranty period, unless it’s been authorized in writing by NTM before any work is done to your machine.
  • Certain components not manufactured by NTM are subject to warranties by their respective manufacturers. However, NTM’s warranty DOES cover electrical components inside the machine.
  • Liability for incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to accidental damage via car accident or anything caused by nature, faulty operation procedures, owner errors, and/or lost property).
  • The warranty does not cover international shipping charges, or faster shipping speed options. NTM’s warranty covers UPS ground rates within the United States.

Final Thoughts

It may seem stressful to try and figure out what could void your rollforming machine warranty, but taking the necessary steps and understanding what you should and shouldn’t do, can help you keep your warranty intact.

Remember these best practices:

  • Don’t use your machine outside of NTM’s recommendations
  • Only use the recommended and approved materials outlined in your manual
  • Keep your machine properly stored when not in use
  • Regularly inspect and maintain your machine
  • Know what is and isn’t covered in your warranty

If you’re unsure what could void your machine warranty, where to get the right cleaning products or replacement parts, or if you have any questions relating to the correct operation of your machine, the NTM Service department has extensive knowledge and experience to help you.

If you need to file a warranty claim or have questions about it or your machine, our Service department is here to help! You can also check out the Service & Support Center for troubleshooting assistance, tutorial videos, and an easy way to contact our Service team.

Need help with your machine? Visit the NTM Service & Support Center