Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions About New Tech Machinery

Who is New Tech Machinery (NTM)?

New Tech Machinery (NTM) manufactures the world’s finest portable rollforming machines that help contractors worldwide gain more control of their projects and profits. Learn more about NTM here.

Where is New Tech Machinery located?

NTM has a manufacturing facility and service center in Aurora, Colorado, and a manufacturing facility in Hermosillo, Mexico.

What are the current lead times on an NTM machine?

Check the banner above for current lead times on NTM products. If you want to learn how NTM’s lead times are determined, read this article.

Does New Tech Machinery offer financing?

NTM does not offer in-house financing but partners with various leasing and financing agencies. Want to learn more? Visit our financing page to visit our financing partners’ websites and learn the top ten reasons why people finance rollforming equipment!

Does New Tech Machinery sell used portable rollforming machinery?

No, New Tech Machinery doesn’t offer used rollforming machinery, but check out this article to learn more about where you can purchase pre-owned machines.

Where does New Tech Machinery ship machine purchases to?

NTM ships machines and equipment worldwide but you need to make sure you have access to a loading dock and commercial address. Learn more about our shipping process here in this article!

What information do I need to know for machine shipping and delivery?

To ensure the most efficient delivery of your NTM products, we require a commercial address, access to a loading dock, and forklift. Also, final payments are required before shipping. What else do you need to know? Read this article for in-depth information about our shipping process.

Where can I find New Tech Machinery equipment in my area?

NTM sells direct and works with partners and distributors around the world. Contact us for assistance finding one in your area!

Where can I find information about testing / engineering?

NTM provides UL compliance information with every machine, but engineering and testing is the responsibility of you or your metal panel supplier. Check out this content for more information about UL compliance:

Portable Rollforming Machines & Product Specifications

What are the differences between New Tech Machinery’s standing seam roof panel machines?

Each NTM standing seam roof panel machine has different speeds, profiles, maximum panel widths, and capabilities based on your project types, business needs, and budget. Take our quiz to learn which standing seam roof panel machine might be right for you!

What profiles do New Tech Machinery’s portable roof panel machines make?

NTM’s standing seam roof panel machines form residential, light commercial, and commercial panels in a variety of styles including:

  • Snap-lock
  • Mechanical seam
  • Trapezoidal
  • Wall
  • Soffit
  • Underdecking

For a full list of available profiles, visit our profiles page!

What other machines does New Tech Machinery offer besides standing seam roof panel and seamless gutter machines?

How much does a portable roof panel machine cost?

To get a full quote with specific pricing, reach out to one of our knowledgeable rollforming specialists. For general pricing information, read the portable roof machine cost article here.

How much is a seamless gutter machine?

To get a full quote with specific pricing, reach out to one of our knowledgeable rollforming specialists. For general pricing information, read the seamless gutter machine cost article here.

New Tech Machinery Service & Technical Support

What should I do if I need troubleshooting help or service on my machine?

  1. First, refer to your machine manual. You can find a digital version of your manual here:
  2. Still need help? Visit the Service & Support Center for answers to common troubleshooting problems!
  3. If you still can’t find an answer to your machine problem, or want to talk to a Service Tech over the phone, contact the Service department by filling out the form on this page.

What kind of information should you be ready to present to a Service Technician when making a service call?

Be ready to present your type of machine, model number, serial number, description of problem, and any applicable photos.

What is New Tech Machinery’s warranty?

NTM offers a three-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects, including electrical, and a limited lifetime warranty against separation of the drive rollers. Read more about our warranty here.

How do I get replacement parts for my NTM machine?

New Tech Machinery stocks a wide inventory of replacement parts for all machine models. Contact the NTM Service team to order parts here.

Where can I find the software update for my UNIQ® Automatic Control System?

Download the most recent software update here. Follow the instructions on the webpage or contact the Service Department if you have further questions.

How do I contact New Tech Machinery’s Service Department?

Visit the Service & Support Center contact page and fill out the form to have a member of our Service department get back to you, or call one of our Service Technicians at 303-294-0538 (after the prompt, select option 2).

When can I expect a Service Technician to get back to me?

There are Service Techs available during normal business hours 7 AM to 4 PM MST. Depending on the current call volume, they will get to your ticket in the order it was received as quickly as possible.