Lead Times: MACH II™ 5", 6", 5"/6" Gutter Machines: 4 weeks | SSQ II™, SSH™, and SSR™ Roof Panel Machines: 42 weeks | SSH™, SSR™, and SSQ II™ Roller Sets: 6-8 weeks

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Portable Rollforming Machinery & Equipment

Since 1991, New Tech Machinery (NTM) has been providing the world's finest portable rollforming machines. We offer seamless gutter machines, metal roof and wall panel machines. We strive to bring versatile easy-to-use rollforming products right to the jobsite.

SSQ II MultiPro Roof Panel Machine

Introducing the New Board and Batten Profile

Introducing our new board and batten profile for the SSQ II MultiPro Roof Panel Machine. This durable and attractive profile replicates the classic wood panel look, and meets market demands for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Unique blend of durability and aesthetics
  • Fits into SSQ II and older SSQ models
  • Creates a beautiful, rustic look
  • Available in various materials and colors
  • Replicates classic wood panel design
  • Durable for high-performance siding
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new ntm board and batten profile

Which portable roof panel machine is best for you and your business operations?

Take this 10 question quiz and find out which NTM roof panel machine, the SSR™ MultiPro Jr., SSH™ MultiPro, or SSQ II™ MultiPro, is best suited for your metal roofing projects and how it can help improve your manufacturing!

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Roof & Wall Panel Machines

Learn about our line of manufactured portable rollforming machines for all of your metal roof and wall panel needs, including standing seam profiles.

Gutter Machines

Learn about our line of manufactured portable seamless gutter machines and equipment, including k-style and box gutter machines and profiles.

" I can't get over how lucky we were to have gotten such a fine piece of craftsmanship. Not having a lifetime of experience with gutter machines, we might have stumbled onto a lesser quality machine and experienced all of the disappointments that go along with inferior made gutter machines. "

Frank Algier

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