NTM Machine Warranty Registration

(article) What Warranties Are Offered With NTM Machines?

New Tech Machinery understands that your portable rollforming is a big investment for your metal roofing or gutter business. That’s why all of NTM’s portable rollforming equipment is backed by a limited three-year parts warranty:

On the conditions and to the extent contained herein, Mazzella New Tech Corporation warrants to the original purchaser of its machine that its machines are free from defects in material, workmanship and design when operated under normal operating conditions and in accordance with its operating instructions, for a period of three years from date of purchase. During such period, at NTM’s option and expense, NTM will replace or repair any part or assembly of the machine, which in NTM’s sole opinion is defective, or will refund the purchase price thereof.

All warranty claims must be in writing. Written permission must be obtained from NTM or NTM’s authorized agent for any warranty returns. All returns require NTM’s prior shipment authorization and a complete explanation of the defect and the operating conditions occurring when the defect was detected.

Read the full warranty document here.

When you buy a new portable rollforming machine, you can register your warranty either by mail or here online using the form below. If you ever need to make a warranty claim, contact our service department. Have your machine serial number ready, and take pictures, video, or other documentation of the problems for the service technician.