Lead Times: 3 weeks for MACH II 5", 6", and 5"/6" Combo Gutter Machines, 11 weeks for SSQ II MultiPro, SSH MultiPro, and SSR MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machines, and 6-8 for SSH, SSR, and SSQ II machine roller sets. *subject to change

Learn how to get the most out of your NTM Machine.

With industry-leading training, technical service, and post-sales support, New Tech Machinery stands apart from the rest.

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Service & Training

Learn About the New Tech Machinery Service Department

Keeping your portable rollforming machine running in top condition and getting it serviced as quickly as possible is crucial when your business relies on this equipment. At New Tech Machinery (NTM), we service our brand of rollforming machines and add-on equipment, including:

  • Controllers
  • Electrical and mechanical components
  • Hydraulic system components
  • Forming rollers

If you need service or technical support for your portable rollforming machine, contact us today. We also offer troubleshooting support over the phone.

NTM Service & Engineering Center
16303 E. 32nd Ave. Suite 15
Aurora, CO 80011

Take Advantage of Portable Rollforming Machine Training with NTM

New Tech Machinery offers the most comprehensive in-factory training in the industry. If you recently bought a machine, we can spend time helping you familiarize yourself with it. The best part — it’s absolutely FREE!*

Please contact us to schedule a training: support@newtechmachinery.com.

Training isn’t required, but it’s a great hands-on learning approach for those new to portable rollforming machines, or anyone operating or supporting the operation of these machines, to learn:

  • Different types and grades of materials
  • What each machine component does and how it works
  • Best safety practices when using the machine and how to properly maintain your portable rollformer

If you are coming in to Denver, CO, from out of town, we can suggest lodging if needed — just call us!

*Note: FREE training applies to NEW EQUIPMENT ONLY at New Tech Machinery’s Denver, CO facility. Please inquire for more details.

For more information about what you can expect in a machine training session, check out this article!