NTM Introduces New Covers and Sensors for its SSQ II™ MultiPro

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Rick Zand|November 2, 2023

In response to customer feedback, New Tech Machinery (NTM), has added painted covers and sensors to its SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machines.

For over 30 years, NTM has helped metal roof, wall panel, and gutter contractors build their businesses with high-quality portable rollforming machines. The new enhancements to the SSQ II MultiPro exemplify our commitment to allowing customer experience and industry trends to guide our machine designs and product development.

In this article, you’ll learn how the new enhancements to the SSQ II can help you out in the field. In case you’re new to the SSQ II MultiPro, we’ll cover some basics about our flagship rollformer.

Powder-Coated Covers

New Tech Machinery made the switch to powder-coated covers, as the non-coated aluminum covers reflected too much sun for some operators. Due to issues in the field where sun is a factor, some machine operators voiced preference for the less reflective powder-coated covers. Previously, NTM had switched from powder-coated steel to non-coated aluminum due to its lighter weight and rust-resistance. Rather than returning to the old steel covers, we chose to keep the lightweight benefits of aluminum while adding the advantages of powder-coating.

The new powder coating prevents blinding sun glare and keeps the machine covers cooler. Plus, the new covers don’t leave smudges like the non-coated aluminum, making them easier to maintain and looking better.

Advantages to powder-coating

  • Rust-resistant
  • Lightweight, making them easier to remove for service or maintenance.
  • Easier to clean and maintains appearance.
  • Reduces glare.
  • Stays cooler.
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Cover Sensors

For increased safety, NTM has added LED indicators to the cover sensors for the SSQ II MultiPro. Each LED indicator lights green or yellow. The indicators allow operators to easily determine which cover is not secured, so a misaligned panel and all the subsequent panels will show up as yellow, where the panels before it will show up as green. That way, you can diagnose which panel is not secured and set it correctly. If the panels are not properly in place, the machine won’t operate in automatic mode.

LED sensor indicators lit green.

Now that you’ve read about the new features we’ve added to the SSQ II MultiPro, let’s do a rundown of the basics of this prolific machine.

About the SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine

The SSQ II is NTM’s flagship model and the most popular NTM metal panel machine, offering 16 roof and wall panel profiles. Added options include notching, extra reels, the UNIQ™ Automatic Control System, to name a few.

SSQ II MultiPro Specifications

  • 16 profiles
  • Polyurethane drive rollers
  • Hydraulic drive and shear
  • UL rated panels
  • Push button RUN/ JOG controllers at entry and exit ends
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Speed up to 75’/ minute
  • Coil widths 15″ to 30″
  • Electric or gas quick-change power pack
SSQ II multipro in plant

Materials Run

  • Painted Steel: 28 ga. to 22 ga. (0.4mm to 0.8mm) (painted, Galvalume, coated galvanized)
  • 50 ksi maximum for 24 to 22 ga.
  • 50 ksi recommended, 80 ksi acceptable with adjustments for 28 ga. to 26 ga.
  • Painted Aluminum: .027” to .040” (0.7mm to 1.0mm)
  • Copper: 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard (0.5mm to 0.7mm) Note: Notching not recommended with copper.
  • Terne Coat Stainless: 26 ga. (0.5mm) Note: Notching not recommended with terne coat.

Added Options

Thinking about Adding an SSQ II MultiPro?

The SSQ II is the most versatile of all our machines, which is why so many NTM customers swear by them. Many contractors own multiple SSQ II machines, all running a variety of profiles, including our latest board and batten. We’ve seen them operating as in-plant machines, or out in the field held up at roof-top level by cranes. Learn more about our SSQ II Roof and Wall Panel Machines and see if it’s the right machine for you.

When you’re ready for a quote, or want to talk through the options, contact one of our account managers.

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