5VC-5V CRIMP™ Roof Panel Machine

Starting: $46,200.00

Roof Panel Machine
  • The portable solution to your 5V crimp needs
  • Profiles available in 21” and 24” widths (533mm and 610mm), multiple gauges, and various metal types
  • Industry’s best warranty
  • Starting at $46,200 USD—photos include optional equipment. Contact NTM for more information or to get a formal quote.

Standard Features

  • Polyurethane Drive Rollers
  • Push Button RUN/JOG Controls at Entry & Exit Ends
  • Hardened Stainless Steel Forming Roller System with Shear Dies
  • Hydraulic Drive & Shear
  • Length Control Limit Switch
  • Panel Recognition Safety Proximity Switch
  • Welded Tubular Steel Frame
  • Power Interruption Safety Circuit
  • Industry’s Best Warranty
  • Choice of: Quick-Change Power-PackTM – Gas or Electric

Warranties & Patents

USA / Canada Warranty:

  • Three years parts (including electrical) / Three years labor
  • Limited lifetime against separation on drive rollers
  • Limited lifetime against wear on stainless steel forming rollers

International Warranty:

  • Three years parts (including electrical) / Excluding freight
  • Limited lifetime against separation on drive rollers
  • Limited lifetime against wear on stainless steel forming rollers


  • U.S. PATENT NO. 6,772,616

Profile Disclaimer:

    New Tech Machinery provides no warranty (finish, substrate or weather tight) in relation to the metal roofing systems the machines form. Should a warranty be required, users should consult with metal roof manufacturer or coil supplier prior to contracting on work. It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or metal panel manufacturer to ensure that the roof system meets all engineering and local building codes.




5VC Panel Machines

  • Length: 10’ 5” (3.2m)
  • Width: 3’ 10” (1.2m)
  • Height with Over Head Rack: 4’ 3” (1.3m)
  • Height without Over Head Rack: 2’ 4” (.75m)
  • Weight: 2,200 lbs. (1,000kg)
5VC On Trailer

  • Length: 17’ 6” (5.3m)
  • Width: 7’ (2.1m)
  • Height with Reel: 6’ 3” (1.9m)
  • Weight: 3,800 lbs. (1,700kg)
Coil Widths

  • 24” (610mm)
  • 27” (686mm)
  • 27-1/2” (699mm)
Maximum Coil Diameter

  • 32” (812mm) with the Overhead Reel Rack
  • 45” (1,143mm) with the Free Standing Decoiler
Finished Panel Widths

  • 21” (533mm) or 24” (610mm)
Materials Formed

  • Painted Steel: 30 ga. to 24 ga. (.3mm to .6mm) (painted, Galvalume, coated galvanized)
  • Painted Aluminum: .027” to .040” (.7mm to 1.0mm)
  • Copper: 16 oz. to 20 oz. 3/4 Hard (.5mm to .7mm)

  • Hydraulically Powered, Hardened Tool Steel Blades & Shear Dies

  • Hydraulically Driven Polyurethane Rollers

  • 60 ft./min (18m/min) Approx.

Accessories & Add-on Options

    Machine Cover - CVR-5VC

    Strippable Tape Applicator - PVC

    Striation Rib Rollers - RR6-5VC

    Trailer - TR12

    PLC Computer Control - PLC08

    Dual Overhead Reel Stand - DR1

    Single Free Standing De-Coiler - FSD1

    Variable Height Run Out Table - ROS-10

    Expandable Arbor - DR01-EX

    Quick Change Power Pack - QCPP-E & QCPP-G

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