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Rick Zand|December 20, 2023

Thanks to our customers and associates, New Tech Machinery (NTM) had an incredible 2023. Not only did we sell more machines than any other year, but we introduced new innovations, like the SSQ board & batten profile, enhancements to the WAV Wall Panel Machine, and more.

We’ve selected some of the top articles from this past year to review what we’ve accomplished and what’s popular in metal construction. While we feel good about the milestones we reached, we’re looking forward to 2024, as our engineers are working on even more NTM innovations.

We’d like to thank our customers and anyone who has used our content to learn more about portable rollforming. At NTM, we consider it our mission to support and provide valuable information to those in the industry.

In case you missed something, or just want to reflect on what’s happened this past year in metal rollforming, take a look at the articles and summaries below. Each has a link to the original article so that you can read it in full.

Home with board and batten metal siding
NTM released its new board & batten profile for the SSQ II MultiPro (Photo courtesy of Western States Metal Roofing)

Matt Mazzella and Adam Mazzella Named Presidents of Mazzella Companies

Mazzella Companies, the parent company of New Tech Machinery, started as a family business and remains so, as Adam Mazzella takes the helm of NTM and Sheffield Metals. Adam’s hands-on approach and continual engagement with NTM operations is already felt as we push ahead with new innovations.


  • Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies, announced that his sons, Matt and Adam, will be presidents of different business units within the company.
  • Matt Mazzella’s role: Matt will be president of Mazzella wire & ropes, which includes rigging, engineered products, and service businesses for overhead lifting and material handling industries.
  • Adam Mazzella’s role: Adam will be president of Sheffield Metals International and New Tech Machinery, which produces and distributes metal products for roof and wall systems and portable roof panel and gutter machines.
  • Tony Mazzella’s vision: Tony will remain CEO and focus on the overall strategy, acquisitions, and culture of Mazzella Companies, which is committed to staying independent and privately owned56. He is proud of his sons and their achievements.

Expand Your Metal Roofing Business With NTM’s 5VC-5V Crimp™ Roof Panel Machine

Popular in southern states like Florida, home of the Key West style metal roof, the NTM 5VC-5V Crimp Roof Panel Machine produces exposed-fastener panels that give homes a classic regional flare. Exposed metal roofs have applications beyond just Key West, however. They’re less costly than standing seam and easier to install, making them a perfect roofing solution for rural structures and DIY projects. 


  • The 5V Crimp Roof Panel Machine is a portable rollformer that produces exposed fastener metal roofs for residential and commercial use. It can create three profiles in different widths, gauges, and metals. It is easy to operate and transport.
  • What are exposed fastener metal roofs? Basically, a cheaper and easier alternative to standing seam metal roofs. They have fasteners that connect the panels to the roof deck. They are durable, customizable, and suitable for various structures. They require quality installation and underlayment to prevent leakage.
  • Market opportunities: Exposed fastener metal roofs are popular in southern states like Florida and Georgia, where they offer a classic look and heat resistance. They are also common in agricultural and commercial buildings in rural areas. A 5V machine can help contractors expand or start their roofing business in these regions.

NTM Announces New Board and Batten Profile for its SSQ II Portable Panel Machine

The release of the SSQ II board and batten profile earned its place as the most exciting NTM event of 2023. Not only was it an instant success, but we witnessed it used in nearby Greeley, Colorado, where the SSQ II MultiPro produced board and batten panels for a community event building.

Todd Andrews, owner of Classic Metals Inc. in South Carolina, told us after purchasing the new profile for his SSQ II MultiPro, “Right now we’re selling probably two to three a week on the board and batten. We’ve done sheds, shops, houses, and every week that goes by we’re gaining more traction.”

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  • New profile: The board and batten profile is the 16th option for the SSQ II machine. It produces panels that look like classic wood panels, but are more durable and suitable for modern construction projects.
  • Profile features: The board and batten profile can run aluminum or steel in any color. The panel width can range from 10″ to 25 ¼ “3. The battens are 2” wide by ¾” deep and cover the fasteners on the opposite end of a cojoining panel.
  • Market demand: The board and batten profile was developed in response to numerous requests from customers and distributors. It is expected to be a popular and high-performance siding option for both residential and commercial buildings.

The Enhanced New Tech Machinery WAV™ Wall Panel Machine

For industrial and commercial metal siding, the WAV Machine epitomizes fast and powerful portable rollforming, featuring 25 polyurethane drive rollers and a speed of up to 150′ per minute. Now, you have full control of panel fabrication with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).  Also standard with the WAV is NTM’s UNIQ® Automatic Control System. We were excited to re-introduce the WAV in 2023 with these new features.


  • New Tech Machinery’s WAV machine: A machine that can fabricate metal wall panels for commercial and industrial buildings. It has six profiles and can run steel or aluminum.
  • UNIQ Automatic Control System: A new feature of the WAV machine that integrates the controller into the frame, making it more compact and convenient. It also has a user-friendly interface, a USB port, and troubleshooting features.
  • New electronics and software: The WAV machine has a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that improves performance and energy efficiency. It also has cover sensors with LEDs that enhance safety and prevent the machine from running without proper alignment.
  • Other enhancements: The WAV machine has improved frame design, guide bars, and forming sets that increase accuracy and quality of the wall panels.

NTM Introduces New Covers and Sensors for its SSQ™ II MultiPro

The bottom line is that we listen to customer feedback. When we heard that some machine operators working in sunny conditions had trouble with glare from the shiny aluminum covers on our SSQ II MultiPros, we had them powder coated. While we were at it, we also had LED sensors installed that turn red to identify any panel out of place.


  • SSQ II MultiPro: NTM’s flagship model offers 16 roof and wall panel profiles and various options. It is made of lightweight and rust-resistant materials.
  • New enhancements: NTM has added powder-coated covers and LED indicators to the SSQ II MultiPro based on customer feedback. The covers reduce sun glare and heat, while the indicators improve safety and troubleshooting.

Barndominiums: A Growing Trend in Metal Homes

With barndominiums gaining in popularity due to their multi-functional use, metal has followed along as a cost-saving and durable alternative to wood. In fact, barndominiums are perfect for the barn feel of metal board and batten, and with new metal colors and styles emerging, there are plenty of design options.


  • Barndominiums: Metal structures that combine barns and living spaces. They offer rustic charm, modern design, and versatile floor plans.
  • Advantages: Eco-friendly, cost-effective, fast, easy to construct, flexible, open, and spacious. Attract DIY enthusiasts and homebuyers seeking unique homes.
  • Opportunities: Provide new markets for metal roof and wall panel contractors in this growing sector.

Why Does NTM Have Lead Times on its Gutter and Roof Panel Machines?

This is a question we get asked a lot, as we are all used to buying merchandise off the shelf. However, NTM machines are made to order, hand assembled, and thoroughly tested for functionality and safety. Plus, we make sure we have the right materials to build your machine, so sometimes supply delays slow our timeline.

This article covers the manufacturing of your machine from start to finish, so you can see the care and effort that goes into building your portable rollformer from the manufacturing of its components to assembly to testing and shipment.


  • NTM machines: The article explains how New Tech Machinery (NTM) produces its portable metal roof, wall panel, and gutter machines. It describes the manufacturing process, the components, and the quality checks for each type of machine.
  • Hermosillo plant: Part of the manufacturing and basic assembly are done at the NTM plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. The plant has various stations for welding, milling, assembling, and packing the machine parts and accessories.
  • Aurora plant: The final assembly, testing, inspection, and shipping of the machines are done at the NTM plant in Aurora, Colorado. The plant has different stations for panel machine assembly, cover installation, accessory configuration, and final testing.
  • Lead times: The article discusses the current lead times for the machines, which are generally between 20-22 weeks for the roof and wall panel machines, and three to six weeks for the gutter machines. It also mentions the factors that affect the lead times, such as demand, supply, and capacity.

What’s Coming in 2024?

If you’ve used our metal roof, wall panel, or gutter machines, then you know you can expect quality and service with NTM. This past year, we’ve seen new innovations and improvements to our products, as well as an emphasis on machine training and safety so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Our engineers are already hard at work on 2024 designs and innovations. Keep an eye out for announcements about new NTM products and services.

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