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NTM Announces New Board and Batten Profile for its SSQ II Portable Panel Machine

New Tech Machinery is excited to announce its new Board and Batten profile for its SSQ and SSQ II machines.

Rick Zand June 01, 2023

NTM Board and Batten: For Immediate Release

New Tech Machinery® (NTM), a leading manufacturer of portable metal roof and panel and seamless gutter machines, is excited to announce the launch of its new board and batten profile for its SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine. The board and batten adds a 16th profile to NTM’s SSQ II profile options.

The board and batten profile resulted from numerous market requests. This innovative new profile produces panels with a unique blend of durability and aesthetics, ideal for modern construction projects while still reminiscent of old-style farmhouse siding. This profile will fit into our popular SSQ II, as well as our older SSQ models dating back to 2014. 

In addition to its durability, the new profile features a board and batten design that creates a beautiful, rustic look perfect for a variety of architectural styles. It’s an excellent choice for both residential and commercial buildings. The boards are installed vertically with the battens covering the fasteners, replicating classic wood panels.

“We are excited to be able to bring this profile into reality and could not have done it without suggestions and support from our customers and distributors, in particular Formwright,” said Adam Mazzella, President of New Tech Machinery.  “As we continue to explore options for ‘what is next?’ it is critical for us at NTM to listen to our partners and the market.  We feel like this profile is going to be a popular high-performance siding option.”

The board and batten profile will run .027” and .032” aluminum, or 24 and 26 gauge grade 50 steel, in any available color. The panel width can run from 10” to 25 ¼ “.  The battens measure 2” wide by ¾” deep with a 5/16” return. The batten locks over the nail slots on the opposite end of a cojoining panel.

“The NTM team was dedicated to delivering a high-quality board and batten profile,” said NTM Vice President Terry McGuire. “We are all very excited for our SSQ and SSQ II customers to have the opportunity to offer this new profile to grow their businesses.”

To produce the best quality board and batten profile, the NTM team worked through several phases of developing, designing, engineering, and modifying with Engineering, Service, Operations, the NTM operation in Mexico, and several NTM vendors.  

Added Adam Mazzella, “It was a true team effort from concept to delivery of this new profile.”

For more information about the Metal Board and Batten Profile and other high-quality NTM rollforming machines, visit us at www.newtechmachinery.com

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