Review: In-Plant Use of NTM’s Portable SSQ II™ MultiPro Panel Machine

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Rick Zand|May 28, 2024

While New Tech Machinery’s (NTM) SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine is known for its portability, many panel manufacturers have also found it works as the perfect in-plant machine. The standard rollformers produced for factory use do an incredible job of fabricating panels quickly but lack some of the benefits featured with an SSQ II.

In this article, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of the SSQ II and the standard in-plant rollforming machine. We’ll cover:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility and Portability
  • Changeovers
  • Space efficiency
  • Versatility and Limitations
Todd Andrews in his shop
Longtime SSQ II owner Todd Andrews uses his machines in-shop and out in the field. Hear his story.

Cost-Effective In-Plant Solution

One primary advantage of the SSQ II is that it produces high-quality panels at a lower price. Traditional large in-plant machines require a significant investment—tens of thousands more than a portable rollformer–often making them unrealistic for smaller operations. The SSQ II, however, presents a much more affordable option that allows manufacturers and distributors to produce high-quality metal panels without the hefty price tag. The lower price doesn’t compromise quality or performance; with 16 available profiles, the SSQ II can match virtually any factory-made panel.

Flexibility and Portability

The SSQ II MultiPro stands out thanks to its ability to fabricate panels in the shop or on the road. It’s portable, so you can easily transport it to job sites for on-site panel production. Manufacturers who occasionally need to produce long panels or accommodate rush orders have the flexibility to meet the demands. Contractors can quickly move the machine to different locations by keeping it on a trailer.

The SSQ II can be used just as effectively in-plant. Many customers choose to leave the machine on a trailer even when operating in-house, combining the benefits of portability with those of a plant setup. This dual capability ensures that operations can easily adapt to various customer needs and circumstances.

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Faster Changeover Times

Another great benefit of the SSQ II machine is its faster changeover times. With standard in-plant machine setups, changing profiles can be a time-consuming pain, sometimes taking several days. The SSQ II, however, allows for much faster changeovers between different panel profiles, taking as few as 45 minutes with one person, enabling manufacturers to respond rapidly to custom orders.

The quick changeover is a big plus for businesses handling multiple panel profiles or needing to manage rush orders. Quickly switching between different profiles without significant downtime helps maintain productivity and keeps the jobs moving.

Space Efficiency

The SSQ II’s compact design also helps if you have limited shop space. Large in-plant machines require a good chunk of floor space, which doesn’t always work for smaller manufacturing plants. The SSQ II’s smaller size allows it to fit easily in tighter spaces, making it ideal for operations with limited room. The machine size won’t compromise output or performance, so you can maximize production and maintain your workflow within your available space.

Versatility and Limitations

The SSQ II offers robust, reliable components, such as polyurethane drive rollers, hydraulic drive, and shears, designed to fabricate quality metal panels efficiently. 

However, a standard in-plant machine may be the better choice if you need a fast, high-output machine that can work continuously. The SSQ II MultiPro can produce panels up to 75 fpm, less than half of the large in-plant rollformers. However, while the SSQ II can’t match the speed and workload of a standard in-plant rollforming machine, it outperforms its competition, offering 16 profile varieties—more than any other portable rollformer. 

SSQ II machines in plant

The Bottom Line

The advantages of the SSQ II include:

  • Portability—With a trailer, you can run the machine in-plant or take it to run panels on the job site. This is especially useful if you’re running panels longer than can fit on a truck’s flatbed.
  • Quick-Change Power Pack–Choosing both power packs for your machine provides the most flexibility. The electric motor runs cleanly and quietly in the factory while the gas engine allows you to power your rollformer anywhere on-site, bypassing the need for a generator to power the machine.
  • Quick changeover—a changeover for a standard in-plant machine could take days. For an experienced operator, an SSQ II changeover can be completed in less than an hour. Plus, the SSQ II offers 16 profiles, including standing seam, flush wall, and board & batten panels.
  • Cost—Starting at $59,800, the SSQ II costs considerably less than the standard roof and wall panel rollforming machines.
  • Space—Because it’s portable, the machine size is significantly smaller than an in-plant machine and takes up less workspace in your shop.
moving SSQ machine with tractor

About the SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine

The SSQ II is NTM’s flagship model and the most popular NTM metal panel machine. Added options include notching, extra reels, the UNIQ® Automatic Control System, to name a few.

SSQ II MultiPro Specifications

  • 16 profiles
  • Polyurethane drive rollers
  • Hydraulic drive and shear
  • UL compliant panels
  • Push button RUN/ JOG controllers at entry and exit ends
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Speeds up to 75’/ minute
  • Coil widths 15″ to 30″ for finished panel widths typically between 12” and 24”.
  • Electric or gas Quick-Change Power Pack

Whether you’re starting out in the industry or adding a machine to your current operation, the SSQ II MultiPro offers in-plant and on-site panel fabrication, enabling you to meet a variety of your customer needs.  

I’m New to NTM Machines

NTM strongly recommends training for all machine owners and their crews to help ensure operators understand safety, maintenance, changeovers and adjustments. Training is free to all new machine owners at our plant in Aurora, Colorado, where your crew can learn from industry professionals.

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