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How to Get a Quote on an NTM Rollforming Machine

From understanding the specific needs of your business to figuring out which options and accessories to add, you need to make an informed decision when purchasing a portable rollformer.
We’ll show you everything you need to know to get ready to request a quote from one of our expert account managers.

Rick Zand March 05, 2024

Getting a quote for a New Tech Machinery (NTM) portable metal panel or gutter machine requires more than simply asking for a price. It involves becoming an informed buyer and knowing what features and options will work best for you and your business.

Purchasing an NTM rollforming machine is a significant investment for any metals business. Like all large purchases, the buyer should go into the process as educated and knowledgeable about their operational needs as possible. 

After all, no one knows more about your business than you, and while our account managers are on hand to answer your questions, you’ll need to determine what machine and options fit your operation.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • The difference between prices and quotes.
  • The information you need to get a quote from an NTM account manager.
  • What’s included in the quote.
Account manager creating a quote on his computer.

The Difference Between Price and a Quote

Think of the sticker price of a car. A 2024 Ford Lariat pickup currently starts at $34,855. That doesn’t include options, taxes, dealer fees, etc. Going over the prices for additional options, like for a tow package or tooling box, will give you an idea of the overall price and help you determine if it fits your budget.

However, it’s not until you’ve decided on the Lariat and determined what options meet your vehicle needs that you sit down with the salesperson and work out all the details of your order. You’ll go over shipping, destination charges, option charges, extended warranties, payment options, and all of the necessary paperwork.

It’s the same for purchasing a rollforming machine. Once you’ve figured out your budget, selected your profiles, determined which machine and accessories best fits your needs, then one of our account managers will write up your quote. 

Machine and Accessory Pricing

You can always call to speak with one of our account managers about the machines and pricing, but before asking for a quote, you should have a good idea of what you need.

For basic machine pricing, consult our website.

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Machine Purchase Quote

Your account manager will draw up a formal quote once you’ve completed your research and determined which machine options and panel profiles will work best for your business and needs. However, you can consult them at any point for pricing or machine and accessory information.

Information You Need to Receive a Quote

The first thing to do is educate yourself. Like any big purchase, compare machines, dig into the specs sheet, think about what upgrades, if any, you would want to make to the machine, and what accessories you’ll need for your operation. 

Use these questions as a guide to what you need to know to receive a quote:

  1. Will you focus on residential or commercial jobs, or both?

This will help determine what type of machine you’ll need. For panel machines, if you’re doing residential and light commercial, the SSR™ MultiPro or SSH™ MultiPro can do the job. However, if you want more profile options, including metal siding, then the SSQ II™ MultiPro offers all 16 of our profiles. 

For Mach II Seamless Gutter Machines, in areas where there isn’t a lot of rainfall, a 5″ seamless gutter machine may suffice for most residential applications. In areas that tend to be wetter environments a 6″ machine may be necessary.  NTM also offers a K-style 5″/6″ combo gutter machine to provide the best of both worlds to gutter contractors.

Customer receiving a quote.

Deciding on the right roof panel machine will require the most research time. Here are a couple of good places to start:

  • Identify the panel or gutter profile(s) you need for your machine. Click here to view the profile options.
  • Take the Roof Panel Machine Quiz. This will help you determine what machine might best fit your needs. Consider your future operational growth as well as your needs today.
  • View the panel machine side-by-side comparison chart. Find where the panel profile you chose is listed on the machines. It may be available on all machines, or just one.
  1. What’s the size of your operation? How many jobs per year do you expect to do with this machine, or how much coil do you think you’ll run?

Once you’ve started comparing the machines, you’ll see distinct differences between the SSR and SSH. They share the same seven profiles, but the SSR is only equipped with a manual shear, so is more labor intensive. If you’re doing light residential work, then it’s probably not an issue. However, if you’re doing a lot of residential or commercial, then you might want the hydraulic drive and shear that comes with the SSH and SSQ II. 

  1. Who will be operating the machine? What is the plan to train them?

NTM offers free training at our location in Aurora, Colorado to all new machine owners. That includes your operators. Bring them all along and get trained properly on the machine. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on the mistakes made by unqualified operators in wasted material and adjustment problems. We strongly recommend training for all machine operators. 

  1. What do you want from this machine, not only now, but in future years?

If you are looking to grow your business, expand into more commercial work, or move into metal siding as well as roofing, think about your needs for next year and the year after. The SSR may fit your business needs today, but what do you want your business to look like in two or three years? You don’t want to outgrow your machine. Better to grow into it. 

  1. Where will the machine be shipped? Is there dock access and a forklift?

Plan how you’re going to receive your machine when it arrives. How will it be transported into your facility? Do you have a platform or trailer (if you didn’t purchase one with the machine)? 

You should be able to answer all these questions when you request your quote.

Quote showing items and prices.

What’s Included in the Quote

  • Itemized breakdown of the machine and accessories
  • Any applicable taxes
  • Shipping and freight information and charges
  • Forklift access
  • Terms and conditions of sale
  • Training (if requested)
  • Creation and expiration date of the quote

Make sure everything listed on the quote is accurate. If not, call your account manager to make the necessary adjustments. Once the machine is in production, you may be charged for changes. Also, there is a 15% cancellation and restocking fee for orders already placed.

Once you’ve accepted the quote, your account manager will help you proceed with your order, including signing the appropriate documents, making the deposit or full payment, and agreeing on shipping terms and details of delivery.

A signed quote or purchase order and the completed final approval checklist (applies to roofing machines only) are needed for NTM to submit the order and place your machine on our production schedule.

Panel Machine comparison chart.

Do I Need to Know Everything Before Getting a Quote?

The short answer is no. Our knowledgeable account managers will help guide you through the purchasing and receiving process, review your machine specs and options, and answer any questions. 

However, it’s important to have an idea of the machine and additional equipment and accessories, including the profile you want to order. In other words, you’ll have done your research and made the key buying decisions. 

The research helps protect you as a customer as you want to be an informed buyer, especially for such a significant investment. You don’t want to purchase the wrong equipment for your operation because you hadn’t gained a reasonable knowledge of the machines and accessories.

Lastly, we strongly recommend training for all our machines with our experienced service specialists. Training is free for new machine owners at our plant in Aurora, Colorado. We encourage you to bring your crew, or whomever will be operating the machine. It’s important the operators understand how to make adjustments, change profiles, maintain, and properly operate the machine for maximum efficiency and optimal performance.

Also, please reach out to an NTM account manager any time. You can reach them at 303.294.0538. They can provide price lists and discuss any questions you may have about our machines, profiles, and accessories. 

Which NTM machine is right for your projects? Take the quiz and find out