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How A Metal Roof Manufacturer Became a Multi-Generational Business

Todd Andrews, a metal roof manufacturer, from Classic Metals Inc. in Chester, South Carolina, gave New Tech Machinery a glimpse inside his rollforming operation. In this video, Todd highlights his long relationship with New Tech Machinery, shows us his collection of SSQII’s, shares his years of experience in the metals industry, and much more. Watch the video to learn how Todd succeeded in the metal panel business.

Learn more about Todd’s business here: https://newtechmachinery.com/learning-center/classic-metals-inc-how-to-build-a-metals-business/

In this video

0:00 – Teaser

0:26 – Intro

0:54 – How did you get started in the business?

1:38 – Who are your primary customers?

1:50 – Have you noticed a change in your customer base?

2:13 – What gets you most excited about his work?

2:44 – What attracted you to New Tech Machinery?

3:17 – What mistakes have you made?

3:32 – Current machines

3:48 – What do you wish you knew when you started in the business?

4:12 – How has New Tech Machinery helped your business?

4:48 – What’s the relationship with the New Tech Machinery service?

5:42 – Did you buy the Board and Batten?

6:18 – Multi-generational business

7:15 – Slogans/Outro

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