Lead Times: 1-2 weeks for MACH II™ 5", 6", and 5"/6" Combo Gutter Machines | 22 weeks for SSQ II™ MultiPro, SSH™ MultiPro, and SSR™ MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machines | 2-4 weeks for SSH, SSR, and SSQ II machine roller sets. *subject to change

(resource) UL Test Information

UL Test Information

UL 90 Construction Numbers*

Input “R14692” into the Search field and press ENTER. Click once on the number listed below “Link to File”. To view individual Construction Numbers: Find your appropriate Profile, click on the corresponding Construction Number, then click on the number below “Link to File” to view details.

UL Test Booklets


Note: Field formed panels have demonstrated compliance with UL580 Class 90 when a UL certificate accompanies the machine producing the panel