5 Points To Know About New Tech Machinery’s In-House Training

Did you buy a new NTM machine? The New Tech Machinery service team walks you through the five points to know about our in-house training. Training is a vital step in operating a safe and efficient business. That’s why NTM is proud to offer the training as part of your machine purchase.

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Here are five points that you need to know about the benefits of coming to New Tech Machinery for our in-house training.

This is Tim LaGuardia, Assistant Service Manager here at New Tech Machinery. Today we are gonna discuss the five points you need to know of the benefits of our in-house training on your new rollform machine.

Where will your training take place?

Your training takes place here at our facility, at our service and engineering building. Once your machine is near completion, a training coordinator will reach out to you to schedule your appointment. Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation that includes the date and time of your training, along with a pickup checklist, training and safety requirements, and a list of nearby hotels for your stay.

What is my schedule and how long will the training last?

A standard training here at NTM will last anywhere from four to six hours, depending on the type of roof panel machine you have and how many profiles you own. By chance, if you’re running a notching machine, you could be scheduled for a two-day training. On our typical gutter machine trainings, the training will last anywhere from two to four hours. Training here at NTM is free to all customers purchasing a new machine. Things that we will discuss in a New Tech Machinery training includes safety, maintenance, machine operation, machine adjustment, profile adjustment, and profile changeovers. Things that will not be covered in a New Tech Machinery training include clip types, installation, and coil manufacturers.

Who should be at the training?

It’s very important that the machine operators will be attending the training here at New Tech Machinery. Owners and other personnel are more than welcome to attend the training as well. But it’s very important that operators do attend so they can ask their questions of our experts here at NTM.

What happens when your training is complete?

We will either ship your machine to you or you can take the machine with you. Now you’re ready to get to the job site with your machine.

Please visit the New Tech Machinery Service page for more information on servicing your machine. Also, check out our top five service questions. The video will be up here or the description below.

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