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What’s In My Bag? Jim Averill, New Tech Machinery SSR Owner

Dive into Jim Averill’s essential toolkit for New Tech Machinery SSR owners—discover the secrets to a smooth and surprise-free job site in this must-watch guide!

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Join Jim Averill from Gunnison Sheet Metal and Axtell Mountain Construction as he reveals the essential tools and gadgets he carries as a New Tech Machinery SSR owner. In this quick and practical video, Jim shares the unique, must-have items in his bag to ensure smooth operation on the job site. From a simple stick for rail adjustments to a comprehensive toolkit for quick fixes, discover what keeps Jim prepared for any situation. Dive into his toolkit secrets and see how each item helps avoid surprises on the job site.


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:13 – Intro

0:21 – Jim’s stick

0:33 – Mechanical lock seamer

0:42 – Milwaukee packout bag

0:47 – Bucket and extension cord

0:55 – SSR computer

1:00 – Zip tape

1:05 – Tape measure

1:10 – Hammer

1:15 – Lube, NTM recommends Superlube Synthetic Lubricant

1:22 – Notepad

1:28 – Wrench

1:37 – Ratcheting wrench with 1/4″ socket and extension

1:48 – Allen wrenches

1:59 – Reds and Greens

2:10 – Ratchet straps

2:15 – Limit switcher

2:24 – Sharpes

2:27 – Snap ring pliers

2:34 – Profile gauge

2:43 – Clips

2:51 – Pencil

2:55 – Outro

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