New Tech Machinery Roof Panel Machine Required Maintenance Walkthrough

Regular maintenance for your portable roof panel machine will help prolong its life, ensure your metal panels are the highest quality possible, and allow your operators to work safely.

In this video, Nate Roston and Chuck Burch from the New Tech Machinery Service department review the maintenance products required and demonstrate how to perform some of the most common and important maintenance steps such as lubricating the shear, tightening the chains, and cleaning the drive rollers. If by chance we didn’t answer your question in this video, you can contact us.

Topics covered:

►Intro 00:00

►Shear lubrication 1:09

►Lockout/tagout 1:43

►Acme shaft lubrication 1:54

►Rib roller lubrication 2:32

►Entry guide lubrication 3:00

►Cutting fluid for notching 3:50

►Grease 4:22

►Super Lube Gel 6:21

►Drive gear lubrication 6:57

►Chain tightening and lubrication 7:24

►Cleaning polyurethane drive rollers 8:59

►Cleaning stainless steel forming rollers 9:38

►Hydraulic fluid check 10:29

Lubricate the chains a minimum of every 40 hours of operation. Lubricate the main drive gears a minimum of every 30 hours of operation. Lubricate the shear a minimum of once every 30 cuts.

Refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance schedules and procedures.

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