NTM Limited Parts Warranty

On the conditions and to the extent contained herein, Mazzella New Tech Corporation warrants to the original purchaser of its machine that its machines are free from defects in material, workmanship and design when operated under normal operating conditions and in accordance with its operating instructions, for a period of three years from date of purchase. During such period, at NTM’s option and expense, NTM will replace or repair any part or assembly of the machine, which in NTM’s sole opinion is defective, or will refund the purchase price thereof.

All warranty claims must be in writing. Written permission must be obtained from NTM or NTM’s authorized agent for any warranty returns. All returns require NTM’s prior shipment authorization and a complete explanation of the defect and the operating conditions occurring when the defect was detected.

This warranty EXCLUDES the following:

▪ Any NTM travel, on-site labor or other expenses – which shall be for the account of the purchaser – unless authorized in writing by NTM in its sole discretion prior to any travel to purchaser’s location is undertaken

▪ All freight charges, customs, duties, taxes, VAT (if applicable), and any associated charges including UPS, FedEx, etc. required to get warranted parts to and from their destination.

▪ Labor costs incurred by purchaser during the warranty period, unless authorized in writing by NTM in its sole discretion prior to any work by or on behalf of purchaser is performed.

▪ Claims for material used or processed by purchaser or NTM at any time, including material processed by NTM while making warranty repairs.

▪ Components not manufactured by NTM, including but not limited to the trailers on which NTM’s machines are mounted. These items are subject to warranties by their respective manufacturers.

▪ Liability for incidental or consequential damages in accordance with this or any other warranties excluded to the extent exclusion is permitted by law.

NTM reserves the right to make changes and improvements to their machines at any time without notice. NTM shall not be obligated to incorporate such changes or improvements in machines previously sold or supplied to any purchaser, nor be obligated to replace previously sold machines with machines incorporating such changes or improvements.

EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY STATED HEREIN, NTM DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE WITH RESPECT TO ITS PRODUCTS. Purchaser’s sole remedies and NTM’s sole obligations hereunder shall be limited exclusively to the right of replacement, repair or refund as provided herein.

Written or oral representations made by NTM employees or agents, before or after sale of the machine, are not to be considered warranties or additional obligations unless they are in writing and signed by an officer or authorized employee of NTM. The repair or replacement of any machine, part, or component of any machine in accordance with this LIMITED WARRANTY shall not extend the term of this warranty beyond the original term as set forth herein.

This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights. You may also have additional rights which vary by location.

The sale and purchase of this machine warranted herein and all other terms and conditions of sale, including the provisions of this LIMITED WARRANTY, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado, U.S.A.