Lead Times: MACH II™ 5", 6", 5"/6" Gutter Machines: 4 weeks | SSQ II™, SSH™, and SSR™ Roof Panel Machines: 42 weeks | SSH™, SSR™, and SSQ II™ Roller Sets: 6-8 weeks

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Engineer Explains NTM’s Customer-Driven Machine Enhancements

See how your feedback has shaped the future of roll forming with Patrick Foley’s deep dive into New Tech Machinery’s latest customer-driven machine enhancements!

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Patrick Foley, Director of Engineering at New Tech Machinery, dives into the latest customer-driven machine enhancements in today’s video. Discover how understanding and feedback have shaped the innovative updates to the SSQ II machines, such as painted covers, cover sensors with indicator lights, ergonomic control screens, UNIQ notching software, and the new Board and Batten profile. Also, learn about the significant improvements made to the WAV Wall Panel Machine, including UNIQ control and a more rigid structural base. Patrick also teases upcoming enhancements like the lightweight reel design for Mach II gutter machines and a resettable spring-loaded shear guard. Don’t miss out on these essential updates—watch now and see what’s new at New Tech Machinery!


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:17 – Intro

0:25 – Foundations of success

0:45 – Customer-driven enhancements for the SSQ II

1:17 – Customer-driven enhancements for the WAV Wall Panel Machine

1:34 – Internal machine changes

2:02 – Potential future machine enhancements

2:28 – Check out our learning center

2:39 – Outro

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