Review of the 6 Best Portable Roof Panel Rollforming Manufacturers

Buying a portable rollforming machine
Julianne Calapa|November 28, 2018

Are you looking to purchase a new portable roof panel machine but don’t know of any companies that manufacture such equipment? Or are you weighing your options and seeing what companies offer comparable machines?

If you’re a roofing contractor or roof panel supplier, your business is dependent on a portable rollforming machine that produces the highest quality metal roof panels to offer for your customers. If you end up choosing the wrong machine, you run the risk of losing customers and negatively affecting your company.  


Since 1991, New Tech Machinery (NTM) has helped contractors and panel suppliers worldwide gain more control of their projects and profits by manufacturing the world’s finest portable rollforming machines, including a variety of portable roof panel machines. While we pride ourselves on providing equipment that is versatile and fit for nearly all metal roof applications, we also understand that you might want to consider all of the different portable roof panel machine manufacturers available to buy from. Plus, it’s a common question we get all the time: “If I don’t choose a New Tech Machinery machine, what other manufacturers would you recommend?

We believe in the power of being an informed and educated consumer when selecting and purchasing your portable rollforming machine, which is why we’ve put together a collection of some of the best roof panel rollforming manufacturers worldwide.

#1: The Bradbury Group

Headquarters: Moundridge, Kansas

About the company: Founded in 1959, The Bradbury Group of manufacturing companies are a producer of metal processing equipment for customers all around the world. Today, Bradbury’s product lines include rollformers, precision roller levelers, cut-to-length machines, building trim equipment, coil processing production lines, and automated production systems. The Bradbury Group operates numerous locations around the world, including North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and more.

Select product offerings:

  • Portable standing seam rollforming machines
  • In-plant standing seam production lines
  • Metal tile manufacturing equipment
  • Garage door manufacturing equipment
  • Automated production systems
  • Steel framing systems
  • Stacking equipment

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#2: Englert Inc.

Headquarters: Perth Amboy, New Jersey

About the company: Founded by Herb Englert in 1966, Englert Inc. has been serving commercial and residential markets with quality metal roofing systems, gutter systems, and on-site rollforming machines for over 50 years. Englert is one of the few single-source roofing manufacturers with an in-house coil coating line and offers a broad range of finishes to meet most design objectives.

Select product offerings:

  • Rollforming equipment & machinery
    • Roof panel machines – MetalMan Multi-Panel Roofing Machine, various MetalMan Fixed Panel machines
    • Gutter machines – RainPro Seamless Gutter Machine, MetalMan 660 6” K-Style Gutter Machine
  • Seamless gutter systems
  • Metal roofing systems
  • Metal coil and sheets

#3: Knudson Manufacturing, Inc.

Headquarters: Broomfield, Colorado

About the company: Knudson Manufacturing was founded in 1957 by Arthur L. Knudson when he built his first portable gutter machine in his basement. Today, Knudson Mfg., Inc. continues to produce high-quality equipment for the metal roofing and framing industry and sells to consumers all around the world.

Select product offerings:

  • Steel framing machines – FRAMEMAKER® machines
  • Roof panel machines – KR-24 Roofing Machine, KR-18 Black Roofing Machine
  • Seaming equipment
(article) Review of the 6 Best Portable Roof Panel Rollforming Manufacturers

#4: Roll Former Corporation

Headquarters: Chalfont, Pennsylvania

About the company: Since 1978, Roll Former Corporation has designed and manufactured machines for companies that require rollforming equipment, including residential, commercial/industrial, agricultural, and trim/accessory machinery. Roll Former Corporation has a line of over 20 standard machines and offers custom machinery as well.

Select product offerings:

  • Residential machinery – VS-150, 5V-Crimp, Soffit-12”, Decoilers, NSP-1”
  • Commercial/industrial machinery – 23-C, SSSP-3, PC/SS10, CBSC-15, FL105/FL15, Plus 50
  • Trim/Accessory machinery – RTR Recoilers, Quick Hem Machinery, Hot Melt Caulk System, “Stand Alone” Perforation Machine, Cut-To-Length Unit
  • Post & Frame/Metal Buildings – AG Panel Perforator – Model APP

#5: Schlebach Maschinen GmbH

Headquarters: Friedewald, Germany

About the company: Schlebach GmbH is a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the standing seam technology. In 1979, manufacturing company Bartolosch acquired the rights to Schlebach, and ultimately founded Schlebach-Maschinen GmbH (“machines for folding technology”). Today, the company today has nearly 200 employees working in a production area of over 100,000 square feet in Germany.

Select product offerings:

  • Profiling machinery – MINI, Standard profiling machines, QUADPRO profiling machines, MULTI profiling machines
  • Notching machinery – KLS, AK-QUAD, UKST
  • Folding and seaming machinery – FK1, Universal seaming machine PICCOLO, SPIDER, FLITZER
  • Bending machinery
  • Slitting/cutting machines
  • Edging/clip machines

#6: Zimmerman Metals, Inc.

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

About the company: Zimmerman Metals, founded by William George Zimmerman in 1936, is a privately owned 3rd generation family business that manufactures and services metalworking machines. Today, Zimmerman Metals is a team of 100 people on 10 acres of land in a 150,000 square foot shop in the Denver area.

Select product offerings:

  • Roll Form Machines – Commercial Roof Panel Machine (CRPM), ELF Elbow Former, WS-100 Wall & Soffit Panel Machine, Z-Panel Form Machine, Structural Roof Panel Machine
  • Structural fabrication services – Bridges, trusses, specialty buildings
  • Machining and processing

Final Thoughts

(article) Review of the 6 Best Portable Roof Panel Rollforming Manufacturers

Remember: An educated consumer is a smart consumer.

So now that you’re aware of some of the most popular machine manufacturers, you can continue doing research, compare and contrast different products, ask the right questions, and ultimately choose the company that best fits you.

Keep in mind, there’s a lot more that goes into purchasing a portable roof panel machine than just finding the best price. You’ll also want to check the following attributes:

  • Machine lead times
    • Is the machine manufacturer able to process orders and assemble/ship the machine(s) in a timely manner that works for you and your business?
  • Shipping and freight costs
    • What are the associated shipping costs if I were to order a machine?
    • Is shipping too expensive or beyond my budget?
  • Service and technical assistance
    • Is there a dedicated service or technical department that I can contact with any machine questions or if I’m having an issue with any of the equipment?
  • Add-on options
    • Does the company you want to buy from offer the add-ons (trailer, decoiler, reel stand, power pack, etc.) that you want to purchase?
  • Machine training
  • Warranties offered
  • Sales/account management
    • Is the sales team I’d be working with and purchasing from reliable and responsive?

For over 27 years, New Tech Machinery’s seamless gutter machines, metal roof panel machines, and specialty equipment have revolutionized the metal construction industry by bringing versatile, easy-to-use rollforming products directly to the job site. That’s why we know how important it is for you to choose the right machine for your business and your needs.

We’d love the opportunity to speak to you to learn more about your business and offer potential solutions!

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