5 Things To Do When You First Receive Your New Tech Machinery Machine

Ready to get started with your new rollforming machine from New Tech Machinery? Watch Tim LaGuardia’s guide for the top five essential first steps!

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Check out our learning center: https://newtechmachinery.com/learning-center/

Watch our 5 points to know about New Tech Machinery’s in-house training: https://youtu.be/SZ7yQAwto20


If you’ve just got your hands on a new rollforming machine from New Tech Machinery, Tim LaGuardia’s latest video is a must-watch. He lays out the five essential steps to get started: document any shipping damages, cross-check your order with the invoice, inspect the machine thoroughly, wait for your training session before operating, and remember, the hydraulic fluid is already filled – you only need to add gas. Need more info or assistance? Visit our learning center or reach out to their service team. Also, don’t miss out on their helpful video about training.


In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:19 – Intro

0:29 – Document

0:46 – Go through your invoice

1:05 – Inspection your machine

1:18 – Don’t run your machine if you haven’t been trained

1:28 – Don’t add extra fluids to your machine

1:41 – Check out our learning center

1:51 – Watch our 5 things to know about NTM training

1:56 – Outro

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