How To Set Up Your Shear Blade For New Tech Machinery’s SS150

Setting up the shear blade on your SS150 roof panel machine just got easier! Watch Nate Roston’s step-by-step guide to nail the perfect setup every time.

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Struggling with setting up the shear on your roof panel machine for the SS150 profile? Nate Roston from New Tech Machinery breaks it down in this essential tutorial. Learn how to safely install and adjust the shear dies, align the blades to your panel, and ensure the perfect clearance for a smooth cut every time. With tips on using the right tools, including a 1/2″ socket and a 9/16″ socket, and the importance of lubricating the shear blade, this video is packed with everything you need for a seamless setup. Don’t forget to engage the lockout/tagout system for safety, and check out our learning center for more insights. Tune in now to get your panel machine running flawlessly!


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:16 – Intro

0:27 – Safety first

0:47 – Tools you will need

0:57 – Run a sample piece through the machine

1:17 – Install your shear dies

2:04 – Run a sample piece through the dies, adjust as needed, and tighten

3:24 – Make sure your shear blade is aligned

4:03 – Make sure to use super lube

4:17 – Run a test cut

4:39 – Check out our learning center

4:47 – Outro

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