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How to Configure NTM’s Board and Batten Shear Dies and Blade

New Tech Machinery knows making a precise cut with your new board and batten profile is very important to your workflow on a job site. This series’ third and final part will show you every step you need to know to configure your shear die and blade.

In part 3, Steve Levonyak, plant manager, walks you through step-by-step how to make these configurations. Check out the timestamps below in case you need to return to a section of the video.

Part 1 – https://newtechmachinery.com/learning-center/video/how-to-changeover-to-new-tech-machinerys-board-and-batten-profile-video/

Part 2 – https://newtechmachinery.com/learning-center/video/how-to-make-adjustments-to-ntms-board-and-batten-profile-video/

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