Cost Update: New Pricing Structure for NTM’s SSQ II MultiPro

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Rick Zand|June 3, 2024

The SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine has a revamped pricing structure that provides greater flexibility to meet customers’ needs. Here, we’ll explain the reasons behind these changes and how they benefit new and existing customers.

The SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine is New Tech Machinery’s (NTM) flagship model. With 16 available profiles, it’s our most versatile machine, built for residential and commercial roofing and siding, including standing seam, flush wall panel, board and batten, and more. In restructuring our pricing we’ve tried to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers and make it easy for you to get the machine and configuration you need for as reasonable a price as possible. 

SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine

Why the Pricing Change?

The new pricing structure stems from customer feedback and the need to simplify options for machine purchases. Several key factors influenced this change:

  • Customer demand for machine-only configuration: Many customers, especially those with multiple SSQ machines, requested the ability to purchase the machine without a panel profile. They preferred having dedicated machines for specific roller sets to avoid the hassle of frequently changing tooling sets.
  • Clarity in Pricing: Previous package pricing, particularly for residential packages, often caused confusion. The new structure ensures that the base price of an SSQ II machine is clear and comparable to residential SSQ II packages, making it easier for customers to understand and compare costs.
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New Pricing Details

  • Base Price Without Profile: The base price of the SSQ II machine is now $59,800, which does not include any panel profiles. This base price includes the following: SSQ II machine with choice of gas or electric Quick-Change Power Pack and a choice of one style of rib rollers, hydraulic drive, shear and manual control.  A set-up fee of $2,000 will be applied to machines purchased without a panel profile.”

If you choose a residential profile, the SSQ II price increases to $69,800. 

This adjustment makes the pricing structure more logical and transparent and offers a discount off of standard panel profile pricing when added to the base price of the machine. Also, since residential panel profiles are typically less expensive than commercial panel profiles this allows residential contractors additional savings while still allowing them to purchase a machine capable of running commercial profiles down the road should they so choose to do that.

  • Commercial Profile Addition: Addition of commercial panel profile (SSQ200/210A, SSQ550, SSQ675, TRQ250, SSQ275, FWQ100, FWQ150) $20,000

For a commercial profile, the SSQ II price is $79,800, which aligns with the previous pricing that included a choice of panel profile.

Package Pricing Adjustments

The new structure also impacts package pricing:

In-Plant Packages

Residential In-Plant Package: $76,700.

Commercial In-Plant Package: $100,600

With Notching In-Plant Package: $149,100. 

Portable Machine Packages

Residential portable package: $74,100

Commercial Portable Package: $104,100

Notching Portable Package: $152,700.

The UNIQ® Automatic Control System is included in the commercial and notching packages, but optional for both residential packages. 

Package prices for the SSQ II

New Setup Fee

A new setup fee of $2,000 has been introduced for machines purchased without a profile. This fee covers the labor involved in installing a profile for testing and removing it before shipment. This ensures that each machine is thoroughly tested and meets quality standards before delivery.

Benefits to Customers

  • More Options for Repeat Customers: Customers with existing machines now have the flexibility to purchase additional machines without profiles, allowing for dedicated setups for different roller sets.
  • Cost Savings: For those choosing a residential profile, the new pricing structure results in a $10,000 reduction compared to previous pricing, making it more affordable.
  • Simplified Pricing: The new structure eliminates confusion by clearly separating the costs of the machine base and the panel profiles. This transparency helps customers make informed decisions and understand the value of their purchases.

SSQ II Pricing Update

The updated pricing structure for the SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine is designed to better meet customer needs and simplify the purchasing process. By separating the base price from profile costs and introducing a setup fee, New Tech Machinery ensures that customers receive a fair and transparent deal. This change reflects the company’s commitment to listening to customer feedback and continuously improving its products and services.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please refer to the new price sheet available in the sales current price sheets directory or contact our sales team directly.

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