Review of the SSQ275 NewLock Profile: NTM’s Proprietary Tooling

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Rick Zand|April 30, 2024

In 2013, long-time New Tech Machinery (NTM) distributor Ron Karr of Karr’s Building Supply & Service, LLC, partnered with NTM to design and produce the SSQ275 NewLock profile, a proprietary tooling designed as a two-in-one standing seam profile. 

The idea was simple, yet no other manufacturer has replicated it: The SSQ275 NewLock can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed. 

The SSQ275 is a 2″ standing seam panel with strength shown to meet or exceed that of existing profiles. Optional ASTM and UL testing and an Installation & Detail Manual are available through our partner Karr’s Building Supply (contact NTM for more information). Custom gas or electric seamers are also available through Karr’s Building Supply. 

Church with metal roof from SSQ275 profile.

Overview of the SSQ275 NewLock Profile

While many panel manufacturers produce panels where the male and female legs interlock to endure high winds, one problem with the existing profiles is the panels need to be rotated in order to interlock when installed. So, each panel must be placed and locked with a seamer before moving on to set the next panel. It’s more labor intensive as the panels become more difficult to rotate and interlock.

The SSQ275 solved this problem, as it’s designed to snap the female leg over the male leg without rotating the panel. This can be a snap-lock or single-lock mechanical seam, which will withstand high winds.

Understanding the SSQ275 NewLock 

The SSQ275 NewLock Panel profile fits into existing and new SSQ and SSQ II machines. The New Tech Machinery SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine is our most versatile portable metal panel machine. User-friendly profile changeovers can be completed in 45 minutes or less with one person and a wrench. The SSQ II can run 16 different metal roof and wall panel profiles–more than any other portable panel machine on the market!

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The SSQ275 NewLock proprietary panel system:

  • Can be snap-locked or mechanically seamed
  • Fits in SSQ and SSQ II Roof Panel Machines
  • Snap-lock design provides added seam strength 
  • 2″ tall finished panel
  • Easier installation
  • When seamed in a single-lock configuration, this interlocking panel profile system is as strong as or stronger than many of the industry’s double-lock systems.
  • Optional testing and Install/Detail Manual available for SSQ275 panel profile through Karr’s Building Supply – contact NTM for more information.

Installing the SSQ275 profile

With a 2” seam, the SSQ275 has the height of a commercial profile but is much easier to install. Mechanically seamed panels are considered to provide the strongest watertight seam, but as contractors know, it’s labor-intensive. Roofers installing mechanically seamed panels start at one end and seam each pair of panels together as they set them down.

With the SQ275 NewLock, you can install the whole roof as a snap-lock, then, if the job requires seamed panels, go back and run the seamer up or down each leg to create a single lock that is as strong or stronger than most double-locks. In fact, the testing for a single lock SSQ275 is very similar to a double-lock, 2” mechanical seam.

Conversely, if you’re just looking for snap-lock, once you’ve set the panels together, you’re finished, which is definitely an advantage with this two-in-one profile. If you need to seam it, the single lock is still as strong but requires less labor and less wear on the seamer. Seamers for the SSQ275 can be purchased through Karr’s Building Supply & Service, LLC. 

SSQ275 Panel
SSQ275 NewLock Panel

Strength of the SSQ275 NewLock

The SSSQ275 as a single-seam mechanical lock has the strength of a double seam. You can also apply a hot melt sealant bead so that the SSQ275 would pass the same water infiltration tests that any mechanically seamed panel would undergo.

Key features of the SSQ275

Below are just a few of the many reasons why the 275 New Lock is beneficial in comparison to

the conventional 2” mechanically seamed panel and the Pre-Mfg. panels.

  • Panels can be snapped on steep slope, mansard panels, and wall panels over a solid substrate without seaming, or they can be seamed for higher wind loads.
  • The entire roof can be snapped in place and seamed after the roof is installed, so no need to hand seam panels other than to start a motorized seamer.
  • Little to no telegraphing of clips when seamed, unlike panels that are 180° double-lock seamed.
  • Secondary lock in male leg achieves higher wind loads when seamed.
  • Panels can be run with painted surfaces on the bottom when being used on gas station canopies, patio covers with gutter systems, or flat wall panels.

SSQ275 NewLock Panel Specs:

  • Seam: 2” high
  • Material: 26 ga to 22 ga steel/painted steel or .024” to .040” aluminum/painted aluminum
  • Width: 12” to 24”
  • Material usage: The SSQ275 uses 6.5” of material which will need to be accounted for when adjusting the preferred panel width.
  • The profile is only compatible with the SSQ and SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine. 
SSQ275 snapped
SSQ275 NewLock Snapped

SSQ275 Real-world Applications 

Over 8,000,000 square ft of SSQ275 NewLock panels have been installed on schools, churches, storage facilities, government buildings, and more. The versatility of the SSQ275 profile means that it can be used for commercial or residential projects. 

Available Testing*:

  • ASTM E-1680 Air leakage test
  • ASTM E-1646 Water penetration test
  • ASTM E-2140 Static water test
  • UL580/1897 Metal deck w/ ISO
  • UL580/1897 Snapped over plywood
  • UL580/1897 Seamed over plywood
  • FM 4471 Foot traffic test
  • 22g and 24ga Span Load Tables

*Testing is not included with the profile, as all testing is optional. Contact NTM about SSQ275 testing.

SSQ275 NewLock Seamed
SSQ275 NewLock Seamed

How do I know if the SSQ275 SnapLock Profile is Right for Me?

If you’re a panel manufacturer or metal roofer doing residential and commercial work that requires snap-lock and mechanical seam, then you can do it all with one profile. This is a huge advantage, as you don’t have to swap out tooling, installation is easier, and you can have the panels rated with optional testing.

As we continue to follow the industry’s growth and respond to the needs of the metal contractor, NTM will endeavor to align our products with the marketplace’s evolving needs. We always welcome valuable customer feedback.

For more information on the SSQ275 NewLock profile, contact us and speak to one of our experienced account managers.

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