How to Order Metal Coil for Your Roof Panel Machine

With so many different options available when it comes to ordering metal coil for your roof panel machine and project, it can be confusing to keep everything straight and certain specifications can be easily overlooked. In this video, Katie from New Tech Machinery explains how to order metal coil from your supplier based on your project requirements and your roof panel machine’s capabilities.

Topics covered:

►Intro 00:00

►What is the scope of your project? 0:46

►What material type and gauge is specified? 1:08

►What profile will you be using? 1:24

►What color will be used for the project? 1:51

►What panel width is required? 2:12

►What are the limitations of your roof panel machine? 2:54

►What should you consider when choosing a metal coil supplier? 5:05

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