How To Adjust The Gold Bars In Your New Tech Machinery SSQII

Is your machine producing subpar panels due to misaligned gold bars? Nate breaks it down step-by-step on how to adjust the gold bars for perfect panel profiles.

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Nate from New Tech Machinery walks through the step-by-step process of realigning the gold bars using basic tools. This video shows how to adjust the gold bars on your machine if they become misaligned, which can cause issues like oil canning, deformed panels, and uphill/downhill profiles. He covers verifying the B position and setting a baseline measurement, adjusting the L-2 mount rail to be parallel to the string at 26″, setting the L-1 mount rail to be 26.5″ from the string, and making adjustments by loosening bolts/clamps and turning the alignment tubes. Properly aligning the gold bars is critical for producing high-quality panels on the job. The video provides the guidance needed to get your machine realigned and operating correctly again.


In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:21 – Intro

0:30 – How do the gold bars come out of alignment?

0:45 – Why is this a problem?

1:01 – Safety first

1:13 – Tools you will need

1:27 – Make sure the gold bar is in the right position

1:46 – Make sure the string is at the same height at both ends

1:56 – Measure both ends of the gold bar

2:13 – Adjusting the L2 gold bar

5:08 – Adjusting the L1 gold bar

6:39 – Why you don’t have to adjust the right-side gold bars

7:09 – Outro

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