How Lee Smith Built Flatiron Steel and Why He Trusts New Tech Machinery!

Discover how Lee Smith of Flatiron Steel built his metal roofing manufacturing business and why he trusts New Tech Machinery for superior panels and dependable support!

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Meet Lee Smith, founder of Flatiron Steel, a regional metal roofing manufacturing company with locations in Colorado and Idaho. In this video, Lee shares his journey from working in his dad’s shop in Idaho to starting his own business in Colorado. Discover how Flatiron Steel collaborates with major roofing distributors, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts. Lee explains why he switched to New Tech Machinery’s roll formers, highlighting their durability, superior panel quality, and the advantage of having local support for quick repairs. Learn about the board and batten profile and the challenges of finding skilled labor in the industry. Tune in for insights into the world of metal roofing and the benefits of partnering with New Tech Machinery.


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:14 – Intro

0:40 – Beginnings of Flatiron Steel

1:30 – Business philosophy and customers

1:50 – Favorite part of the job

2:07 – Why he switched to NTM machines

2:52 – Relationship with New Tech Machinery

3:04 – Board and Batten

3:18 – Biggest challenges

3:33 – Why Lee owns nine New Tech Machinery machines

3:57 – Outro

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