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Katie Bowles|June 2, 2020

Purchasing a portable roof or wall panel rollforming machine is a big investment for any business, so choosing the right accessories can help you get the most bang for your buck, no matter if you already own a portable roof panel machine or if you’re buying one for the first time. 

Accessories can help you use your machine to its fullest potential, improve your efficiency and productivity, and offer greater versatility to your customers. With that said, it’s also important to do your research into what accessories are best for your machine, what is most popular with your customers and your market, and understand what each accessory does. 

New Tech Machinery (NTM) has helped contractors and manufacturers through the portable rollforming buying process and guiding clients as to what accessories and added features are best for their needs and work. We can help you figure out which accessories will help you increase the value and ease of use of your portable roof panel machine, without impacting your bottom line.

In this article we’ll explain:

  • The cost of a portable roof panel rollforming machine
  • Benefits of getting additional features or accessories
  • Accessories available for NTM roof panel machines and what they do

What Is the Cost of a Portable Roof or Wall Panel Rollforming Machine?

Why is the price of your portable roof or wall panel machine important? What does it have to do with getting accessories or added features to your machine?

The cost of your roof panel rollforming machine is important because it helps you understand the basic minimum parameters of what you’ll be investing in the equipment. 

If you have a tight budget or set limit on the expenditure, knowing the minimum you’ll be spending on your machine can help you figure out what you can afford on other accessories and features that will improve your business operations and efficiency.

NTM portable roof and wall panel rollforming machines

Here are the starting prices of our roof panel machines:

Since these are only starting prices please note they may not include the many add-on options and features we offer with our portable roof panel machines for an additional cost (quoted separately). You can always talk to one of our rollforming specialists for help finding the best roof panel machine configuration for your business and what accessories will best serve your customers.

Why Consider Purchasing Accessories for Your Portable Roof or Wall Panel Machine?

Apart from getting the standard portable roof or wall panel machine, there are many accessories and add-on features that enhance your machine. While many of these accessories are not necessary for operating your portable roof panel machines, some of them may be necessary to your specific business situation, to help improve your machine’s efficiency and productivity and allow for the full and most beneficial functionality out of your machine.

Some questions you should consider before you make any purchasing decisions:

  • Which accessories are available for roof panel machines, and what do they do? 
  • How will the extra features benefit my business? Will they help increase my efficiency, allow for greater production, or improve the functionality of the panel?
  • Is there a significant demand or market for this feature in my area? What are my customers asking for? What’s best for my business?
  • Will I use these accessories and are they cost-effective?

Getting additional accessories to your roof panel machine can provide benefits such as:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Easier and safer operation of the machine
  • Improve quality or functions of end products

NTM Portable Roof and Wall Panel Rollforming Machines

New Tech Machinery manufactures a few different portable roof panel machines, and each one has different features and accessories available depending on what you need for your business, or what can help you get even more out of your machine.

Here is a brief description of each roof panel machine that NTM offers, and some of the standard features that come with each one.

SSQ II MultiPro Roof and Wall Panel Machine

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Our SSQ II Roof and Wall Panel Machine can produce 16 different panel profiles and is the most versatile portable roof panel machine available today. It can run both residential and commercial standing seam panel profiles, as well as wall/soffit/under-decking, and board and batten panel profiles. You can also change the tooling in this machine in 45 minutes or less.

Standard features include:

  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Choice of: Quick-Change™ profile roller system
  • Choice of: Quick-Change™ Power-Pack (gas or electric)
  • Choice of: one pair of bead, pencil, striation or v-rib rollers

SSH MultiPro Roof Panel Machine

NTM SSH MultiPro Roof Panel Machine

Our SSH Roof Panel Machine can rollform seven different panel profiles, both snap lock and mechanically seamed. This light commercial/residential rollforming machine can rollform painted steel, painted aluminum, and copper coils in various widths and gauges.

Some of the standard features are:

  • PLC Batch/Length Computerized Controller
  • Choice of: Quick-Change profile roller system with shear dies
  • Choice of: Quick-Change Power-Pack (gas or electric)
  • Choice of: one pair of bead, pencil, striation or v-rib rollers

SSR MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machine

Our SSR MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machine is your entry-level solution for residential and light commercial metal roofing. It produces seven different panel profiles. It’s a great machine for those who don’t need a ton of features in a rollforming machine, or to those who are new to the industry.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Standard features for this machine include:

  • Length control limit switch
  • 100-foot, 10 gauge, 20 amp electrical cord
  • Waterproof NEMA 4 electrical system
  • 2 run-out tables (10-foot sections each)
  • Forward pulling, easy cut shear
  • One expandable arbor/reel
  • Dual overhead reel rack
  • Choice of: EZE-Change™ profile roller system with shear dies – Forming stations mounted on aluminum rails used to form various panel profiles.
  • Choice of: one pair of bead, pencil, striation or v-rib rollers

5VC-5V CRIMP Roof Panel Machine

The 5VC-5V CRIMP Roof Panel Machine is the portable solution for your 5V Crimp needs. It can make profiles in 21” and 24”, and 24.5” widths, of multiple gauges, and different metal materials.

Standard features include:

  • Length control limit switch
  • Panel recognition safety proximity switch
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Choice of: Quick-Change Power-Pack (gas or electric)

WAV Wall Panel Machine

(article) What Are the Benefits of Using a Portable Rollforming Machine Inside a Factory?

As the industry’s only portable WAV Wall Panel Machine, the WAV machine makes metal wall panels in two different fastening options: with flange and without flange. 

Standard features of the WAV Wall Panel Machine are:

  • NTM 100 Controller
  • Hydraulic shear
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Minimum flat sheet feed – length is 62 inches
  • Gas and 460V electric power


Best Accessories for NTM Portable Roof and Wall Panel Machines

Based on the roof panel machines that NTM offers, here are some of the best accessories to consider purchasing for your portable roof panel machine, and how they can help make your work easier.

All of New Tech Machinery’s portable roof panel machines have additional items available for purchase including various additional panel profiles and rib rollers, and are all backed by a three-year limited parts (including electrical) warranty.

Notching Capabilities

“Notching” refers to the process in rollforming where different shapes are cut out of sheet metal from the edge of a blank strip to prepare the panel for installation. This accessory punches the notches before the legs are formed for a clean cut, saving you time on the job site. It’s available in rectangular or profile notching.

The punches are hydraulically powered and controlled by the computer. Notches can be offset for angled cuts or as in-line notching which provides a 1” wide strip at each end for hemming the panels. *Available only on the SSQ II machine.

Angle Slitter

This device works with the notchers and attaches to the exit end of the roof panel machine and cuts panels up to 24” wide, at any angle from 90° to 35°.  The angle slitter only works with panels that have been notched (it doesn’t slit through the legs of the panel itself) and allows the machine operator to make quick and precise cuts to the panel after it’s formed. Check out this video demo of the angle slitting and notching features. *Available only on the SSQ II machine.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Computer Controller

Some of our roof panel machines, like the SSQ II, can be computer controlled. Having a computer controller with your rollforming machine allows for better machine operation efficiency and accuracy.

UNIQ® Control System

(article) What to Know About the SSQ II™ Roof Panel Machine: Features & Benefits

Our latest enhancement to the SSQ II machine, the UNIQ Control System is not just a batch and length controller. It’s our latest, most advanced, and safest controller for your portable rollforming machine. In terms of safety, user-friendliness, and global compliance, the UNIQ Control System is unlike any controller we’ve put on the market to date. 

This new system’s features include:

  • New and improved touchscreen with durable glass, brighter screen, and metal lockable covers
  • Improved troubleshooting capabilities with help pages, videos, and error messages
  • Global (CE) Compliance 
  • Integrated with AppliCad software for easy cut list transferring right to your NTM rollformer. The AppliCad Roof Wizard program simulates the installation process and will calculate how many panels you need for a specific roof model and application.
  • Increased safety features and user-friendliness

PLC Computer Controller

The PLC controller integrates a myriad of options and features requested by end users. The controller is designed for simple operation and has help and error screens for quick user assistance. It can program up to 99 jobs or lengths, can be calibrated on the fly, and separates supervisor and user permissions to track machine and coil usage.

This controller is user friendly and has features to help with material tracking, calculating coil length, auxiliary shearing, and easy touchscreen operation. *Available on the SSH and 5VC-5V Crimp machines.


With your roof panel machine, we offer a National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) compliant, 12,000 lb. tandem axle trailer. 

Our trailers are perfect for towing your roof panel machine right to the job site. They are equipped with crane lifting eyes, 4 drop-foot jack stands, and electric brakes with breakaway kit. *Available for SSQ II, SSR, SSH, and 5VC-5V CRIMP.

Dual Overhead Reel Stand

This machine-mounted overhead stand is great for holding up to two expandable arbors with coil for a combined total capacity of 6,000 lbs (maximum weight is 3,000 lbs. of coil per reel). Overhead reel stands support more weight so you can load larger coils onto it. *Available for SSQ II, SSH, and 5VC-5V CRIMP machines.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Expandable Arbor

The expandable arbors hold coils from overhead of the roof panel machine. It expands to the inside diameter of the coil for faster and easier loading. 

They can accommodate coils with 16” to 20” ID. The capacity is 3,000 lbs. when used dual overhead reel stands or 5,000 lbs. when using a single free-standing de-coiler. *Available for all roof and wall panel NTM machines.

Run-Out Tables

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Run-out tables help support and hold the finished panel as it exits the rollforming machine. The run-out tables for most of the NTM portable roof panel machines are a conveyor style table attached to the shear. (SSR machine is the only that isn’t conveyor-style.) 

The run-out tables have two individually adjustable legs that allow them to be lowered, raised, or leveled from 25” to 43”, and are available in 10 ft. connectable sections that link to each other easily for handling longer panel runs. *Available for SSQ II, SSR, SSH, and 5VC-5V CRIMP machines.

Hot Melt Sealant Pump Interface

The hot melt sealant pump interface is a wiring system that is integrated into the machine and works in conjunction with the computer controller. As the panel exits the machine, it sends a message to the sealant system inside to put mastic/sealant into the legs of the panel. 

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

The mastic is a kind of sealant or caulking that goes into the leg of the panel profile so when the panels become joined together on top of the roof, water can’t get through to the roof deck. It provides an air and/or water-tight seal when the panels are seamed or snap-locked together. New Tech Machinery does NOT provide the Hot Melt Sealant Pump itself. It is sold separately through Hot Melt Technologies (

Check out this video that helps explain the hot melt sealant application, and watch how it works on the SSQ Roof Panel Machine. *Available for the SSQ II and SSH machines.

Additional Quick-Change Power-Pack – Gas or Electric

This device can quickly field convert the machine from using a gas engine to an electric motor, and back again as needed. It can also convert from electric motor to gas engine if needed. *Available for SSQ II and 5VC-5V CRIMP machines.

Single Free-Standing De-Coiler

The free-standing de-coiler is a remote stand used at the entry end of the machine to hold one expandable arbor with coil. It doesn’t attach to the machine, unlike the overhead reel rack. This is helpful if you use your portable roof panel machine inside a shop, as it allows for the movability of the coil.

The total capacity of the free-standing de-coiler is 5,000 lbs. *Available for SSQ II, SSR, SSH, and 5VC-5V CRIMP machines.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories


While this is typically used for portable rollforming machinery in an in-plant environment, our steel-framed carts can be fixed in place or come with wheels for easy movement around the shop. Note that you can’t use the cart when the overhead reel rack is on the machine. *Available for all roof and wall panel machines.

PVC Film Applicator

The PVC film applicator attaches to the overhead reel rack and puts PVC film onto the coil before being fed into the machine. The film protects the coil from any scratches it may get during the rollforming process or when stacking panels at a job site. *Available for SSQ II, SSR, SSH, 5VC-5V CRIMP, and WAV machines.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Hand Seamer

This hand-held device can single-lock mechanically seamed panels. The hand seamer bends the edges, locking the panels together with precision and efficiency. *Available for the SSQ II, SSH, and SSR machines.

EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller

The EZ Counter Controller allows customers to easily program up to 50 different lengths to automatically run the correct length of panels. It also operates in feet, inches, or centimeters, can track material, and has an easy-touch screen. This optional feature provides more accurate measurements than measuring the panel by hand or using the limit switch. *Available with the SSR MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machine.

(article) Best Portable Roof & Wall Panel Rollforming Machine Accessories

Single or Triple Overhead Reel Racks

Unlike most of the other roof panel machines’ overhead reel racks, the WAV Wall Panel Machine has two different options available. They offer a single overhead reel rack and expandable reel option which has a maximum load limit of 3,000 lbs. of coil The triple overhead reel rack is slightly different; each reel can support up to 4,000 lbs. of coil. *Available with the WAV Wall Panel Machine.

12,000 lb. GVWR Trailer or 23,200 lb. GVWR Trailer

The WAV machine also has two different options for trailers: a 12,000 lb. or 23,200 lb. trailer depending on your needs and the weight of your machine. 

The difference between these two options, besides the weight difference, is that the 23,200 lb. trailer is for machines that have the triple overhead reel rack option. There is also a “Gooseneck” trailer option for a 23,200 lb. capacity trailer. *Available on the WAV Wall Panel Machine.

Final Thoughts

(article) Portable Rollforming Machine Power Options: Modular vs. Fixed

Adding accessories to your machine is a great way to get the full benefits of your portable roof panel machine. Not only that, but they are a cost-effective way to help you increase the versatility of your product offerings, help you stand out in your market space, and improve your productivity.

Remember that there’s more to consider when adding accessories to your machine, including:

  • How will they improve your work?
  • Will it benefit your business?
  • Is there a big market or demand for it in your area?
  • Would it be cost-effective to invest in accessories to your machine right now?
  • Will you use them regularly?

For 30 years, New Tech Machinery has helped both first-time and established contractors find the best machines and accessories for their businesses, learn how to use them to increase and improve their work, and maintain customer satisfaction. 

To help you figure out which accessories are best for you and your portable roof panel machine, please contact any of our rollforming specialists.

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