Best Accessories for NTM’s Portable Seamless Gutter Machines

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Rick Zand|November 15, 2023

Missing accessories for your gutter machine means missing opportunities for your business. The reason is simple: Accessories help maximize your productivity, providing efficiency and quality to your operation. As a result, you can take on more jobs. Purchasing your gutter machine is a great first step, but you have to know which accessories you need to enhance your operation.

This also means there are accessories you can eliminate. You don’t want to purchase what you don’t need. In this article, we’ll guide you through the practical purposes of each accessory and how to determine which are necessary for your gutter machine operation.

At NTM, we’ve been manufacturing top-of-the-line gutter machines for 30 years. We focus on what works out in the field in order to help keep your operation running smoothly and maximizing profits. You’re about to find out which accessories will most benefit your seamless gutter business.

In this article we’ll discuss:

  • How accessories can benefit your operation
  • Mach II gutter machines and accessories
  • BG7 gutter machines and accessories
  • How accessories can help you capitalize on opportunities
Mach II 5 inch gutter machine with a reel and cradle

How Can Accessories Benefit My Gutter Operation?

Accessories are a great way to enhance your seamless gutter machine, no matter if you’re just considering getting a machine, or if you already have one for your own business. Some of the optional features offered for gutter machines not only improve your efficiency, but they can also help you offer more options to your customers, as well as enhance the quality of the actual finished product. 

Some questions you should consider before you make any purchasing decisions:

  • Which accessories are available for each type of seamless gutter machine, and what do they do? 
  • How will the extra features benefit my business? Will they help increase my efficiency, allow for greater production, or improve the functionality of the end product?
  • Is there a significant demand or market for this feature in my area? What are my customers asking for? What’s best for my business?
  • Will I use these accessories and are they cost-effective?

Based on the gutter machines that NTM offers, here are some of the best accessories to consider purchasing for your portable seamless gutter machine, and how they can help make your work easier.

All of New Tech Machinery’s portable gutter machines have additional items available for purchase including canvas-type covers which are form-fitted to the body of the machine, various profile options, and are backed by the industry’s best warranty.

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Mach II 5”, 6” and 5”/6” Combo Gutter Machines 

The Mach II gutter machines manufacture K-style gutters. K-style gutters are the most prominent style of gutter found in North American homes today. They typically have a flat bottom and profiled face, similar to the look of crown moulding. This gutter type can also handle more than double the amount of water runoff than a half-round gutter. 

Some of the standard features of the Mach II 5”, 6” and 5”/6” combo machines include:

  • Two 360° rotatable reel stands for easy coil loading
  • Electric motor
  • Forward pulling, easy cut shear for accuracy
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • Easy lift reels

Please note that base pricing of all Mach II machines do NOT include shears, reels, or reel stands.

Mach II Accessories

Run-out stands

Run-out stands are used to support the gutter as it runs out of the machine. The run-out stand, held by a sturdy tripod, can be adjusted in height from 22.5″ to 53.5″, with an open dimension width of 5″-7″ to accommodate any size Mach II gutter. The stand also features UHMW plastic for scratch-free and easy movement, with less maintenance required than roller stands, as it doesn’t use bearings that can wear down. The tripod’s folding legs allow for easy storage. These are a must-have for any seamless gutter operation, as they help protect the gutter as it forms from the machine.

Price: $250

We recommend one stand for every 20′ of gutter. 

Run-out stand

Geared Shear

The forward-pulling geared shear on the Mach II acts as a guillotine. The quick and precise motion of the shear will provide a cleaner cut than using hand snips and, due to its ease of operation, save you a lot of time. While it’s not a must, it’s recommended if you want to speed up production.


EZ-Counter Computerized Length Controller

(article) Best Accessories for Portable Seamless Gutter Machines

The EZ Counter Controller allows clients to easily program up to 50 different lengths to automatically run the correct length of gutter. It also offers a mitered end option, operates in feet, inches, or centimeters, material tracking, and has an easy-touch screen. This optional feature provides more accurate measurements than measuring the gutter length by hand. Again, it’s a time-saver and helps streamline your operation.

Price: $2,600

Coil cradles

A coil cradle is used to hold smaller coils for 5” and 6” gutters. It can be machine or floor-mounted and has a capacity of up to 400 lbs. It’s easier to load coil onto a cradle than a reel since it’s not as large a coil. It’s your best option for small jobs or specialty coils used infrequently. If you’re doing only jobs that require the same color and metal, then you can rely on reels that hold a greater amount of coil.

NTM recommends that you do not transport coil on the cradle, but load the coil at the job site to avoid damage to the coil.

(article) Best Accessories for Portable Seamless Gutter Machines

Reels and reel stands

Like cradles, reels carry the coil above the machine for compact use. The maximum weight the reel can support is approximately 1000 lbs. Reels can hold a larger diameter coil than the cradle, so you can put your most used color, for example white, on the coil, then use the cradle for smaller coils with custom colors. The reels are adjustable in width to hold 11-3/4” through 15” wide coil for 5” and 6” gutters. 

Cradles vs. Reels

What’s great about using both cradles and reels is that they can work in combination, so you can have two reels with your most popular coil and a cradle with a specialty coil. Or one reel and one cradle, or two cradles and one reel. You can change configurations on your machine as needed, given that you have the accessories. That way, you’re always ready to move from job to job with the right materials.

The turnstile reel stands are mounted to the machine to support reels loaded with coil. They also rotate 360 degrees for easy loading and movement. Each machine can support up to three reel stands/coil cradles total (or a combination of the two).

Riser pads

Riser pads help to raise the gutter machine off the decking to provide a more comfortable working height. At NTM they are available in two configurations: 6” to 8” riser pads, or 10” to 12” riser pads.

Available in 6″-8″ rise or 10″-12″ rise

Price: $650

gutter machine with risers inside truck
Mach II on Risers

Transfer racks

Transfer racks are a great accessory to have on your gutter machine if you’re using reels. They make transferring loaded coils from one turnstile reel stand to another easier and faster.

Price: $315

Hook assembly

The hook assembly is another roller station that’s added to the machine to create a 5/16” hook on the back of the gutter profile for use with a free float hanger system. Also referred to as “Alcoa style”, this style is mainly used in Northeast U.S., and simply provides another way of hanging the gutter via a hook that’s attached to the fascia.

Price: $1,200

Bottom bead assembly

Bottom beads can help stiffen the bottom of the gutter as well as add a slightly more decorative look to the gutter. This allows for easier installation of longer lengths because of the extra support the bottom bead provides. Not available for economy machines.

Price: $650

Transfer rack
Transfer Rack

Electrical 12V, 220V-50 hz.

The DC motor and control allows for operation of the machine with a 12-volt battery (battery does not come included), instead of requiring electricity. The 220V is used for overseas applications.

Price: $1,950

BG7 Box Gutter Machine

The BG7 Box Gutter Machine is NTM’s 7” commercial box gutter machine, mainly used for industrial and commercial building applications. Box gutters are great for buildings where you need to handle large amounts of runoff.

(article) Best Accessories for Portable Seamless Gutter Machines

Standard features of the BG7 Box Gutter Machine include:

  • Straight back style gutter profile
  • Length control limit switch
  • Hydraulic drive and shear
  • Power interruption safety circuit
  • One Quick-Change Power-Pack™ – choice of gas or electric

Some additional accessories you may want to consider getting for your machine include:

Additional gas or electric Quick-Change Power-Pack

This device is used to quickly field convert the machine from using gas engine to an electric motor, and back again as needed. If you’re switching back and forth between in-plant and on-site production, having the electric power pack offers some flexibility.

Price: $7,400

quick change power packs

Hook Assembly

The hook assembly is a roller station designed to create an “Alcoa style” hook on the back of the gutter profile for use with a free float hanger system. A hook crosses the gutter, and hung under the flashing, and then a nail fastens the gutter to the roof beam.  It’s a secure, sturdy system that allows the water to pour directly into the gutter since it’s placed underneath the pitch of the roof.

It really depends on your market to determine whether the hook assembly is appropriate for your area. Traditionally, they’re most popular in the northeastern U.S., although may be picking up in California as well.

Price: $6,900

Expandable arbor

The expandable arbor is used for holding coil on top of the machine. This specific arbor is designed to expand to the inside diameter of the coil for easier, faster loading and unloading of the metal coil onto or off the portable gutter machine. This device can hold coils with 16” to 20” ID.  Its capacity is 3,000 lbs. when used with Dual Overhead Reel Stand or 5,000 lbs. when used with Single Free Standing De-Coiler.

Price: $2,300

Run-out table

This variable run-out table attaches to the shear and carries the gutter on a conveyer as it exits the machine, allowing for quick and easy pick up by installers. The table has two individually adjustable legs for height variation from 25″-43″ and comes in 10′ segments. You’d have to come up with a good argument as to why you wouldn’t need this piece of equipment as it’s so essential to running a smooth seamless gutter production operation.

Price: $850

PLC07 Computer Controller

The PLC07 controller, operated by a touch screen, can program up to 99 jobs or lengths. It’s password-protected, tracks material, has an integrated coil length calculator, and provides help and error screens. While it tacks a bit onto the price, if you’re doing a high volume of industrial jobs, it’s worth the cost and more in the time it can save you calculating and measuring.

Price: $10,100


The trailer used in the BG7 is a National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Compliant, 12,000 lb. tandem axle trailer. It can tow the gutter machine directly to the job site, and comes equipped with crane lifting eyes, four drop-foot jack stands, and electric brakes with breakaway kit. Some contractors prefer covered trailers or trucks, but this top-rated trailer is also a suitable option.

Price: $16,100

(article) Best Accessories for Portable Seamless Gutter Machines

Can Accessories Maximize My Productivity?

Accessories are a great way to get more out of your gutter machine, improving work efficiency and producing quality gutters. Remember, maximizing efficiency maximizes profits, and that’s the whole point of adding any accessories. If you’re not sure whether its something you need, compare what your operation will look like with it in terms of quality and efficiency, and what will it look like without it. If it’s about the same either way, you probably don’t need it. However, if there’s a clear difference, you best go with what makes your operation run smoothly, satisfies your customers, and brings in more business.

Since 1991, New Tech Machinery has helped both first-time and established machine owners find the accessories that will fit their needs, benefit their work, and help increase customer satisfaction. To discuss which accessory will help you get the most out of your machine, contact any of our rollforming specialists.

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