Regional Metal Roof Manufacturer Shows NTM Around His MASSIVE Shop

Join Lee from Flatiron Steel, a regional metal roof manufacturer, for an exclusive tour of his cutting-edge 36,000 sq ft facility, showcasing innovative machinery, stunning metalwork designs and of course his NTM machines!

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Join Lee from Flatiron Steel, regional metal roof manufacturer, for an exclusive tour of his state-of-the-art 36,000 square foot facility. Discover how efficiency meets innovation with SIPs panels, in-floor radiant heating, and a wide array of high-tech machinery. See the Drip Edge Rollformer, Triple Wide Trim Rollformer, and advanced slitting lines in action. Learn about the various profiles produced, from 7/8ths corrugated to Tuff-Rib and PBR Panels. Explore the impressive inventory, including 24-gauge Kynar colors and flat sheets for custom trims. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the SSQ machines and their role in daily operations, both on-site and in-shop. Finally, step into the beautifully designed office space that showcases the versatility of metal for interior design. Don’t miss this comprehensive look at how Flatiron Steel combines craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology!


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In this video: 0:00 – Intro

0:09 – Building overview

0:23 – In-plant machines

1:36 – Coils

2:00 – NTM machines

2:29 – Office

2:52 – Flagship building

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