How To Install The Hook Assembly In Your New Tech Machinery Gutter Machine

Learn how to install and set up a hook assembly in your gutter machine with expert tips from Chuck Burch—watch now!

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Need help installing a hook assembly in your gutter machine? Join Chuck Burch, Quality Control Manager at New Tech Machinery, as he walks you through the step-by-step process. From the tools you’ll need to setting up for both 5-inch and 6-inch positions, Chuck covers it all. Learn how to adjust the assembly, ensure proper alignment, and switch between different setups efficiently. For more detailed guides and tips, visit our learning center.


In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:14 – Intro

0:23 – Tools you will need

0:34 – Parts of the hook assembly

1:05 – Safety first and removing the cover

1:30 – Install the side blocks

2:32 – Install entry roller

3:02 – Install the hook assembly in the 5″ position

5:03 – Setting the height 6:01 – Remove the bead assembly and install the hook assembly roller

7:01 – Run the material through the hook assembly

7:28 – Switching to the 6″ position

8:53 – Switching to straight back

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