How To Install And Adjust The Striations In Your NTM Machine

Learn how to master your rollform machine’s striation setup with expert tips from Tim LaGuardia at New Tech Machinery!

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Struggling to set up your new striation assembly for your roll form machine? Tim LaGuardia from New Tech Machinery is here to help! In this video, Tim provides a step-by-step guide to properly install and adjust your striation assembly for SSQ II, SSH, and SSR panel machines. Learn the tools you need, safety precautions, and expert tips to ensure your machine runs smoothly. Watch now to master your striation setup and get the best results from your roll form machine!


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:14 – Intro

0:32 – Safety first

0:47 – Tools needed

0:59 – How to install the striation assembly

1:33 – How to determine how many striations you need

2:42 – How to line up the striations with the center of the panel

3:08 – How to use the spacers

3:23 – How to center the bottom striations

3:54 – Run the material through the striations and tighten the striations

4:57 – Check the striation print

5:16 – How to precisely center the striations

7:38 – Check the new striation print and make adjustments if needed

8:02 – How to adjust the depth of the striation

8:42 – Double-check everything and move over bottom striations if needed

10:04 – Outro

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