How to Change Coil Widths for a New Tech Machinery SSR™ MultiPro Jr.

Explore the step-by-step process of performing a width changeover on an SSR™ MultiPro Jr. machine with Tim LaGuardia, Assistant Service Manager at New Tech Machinery. In this detailed video, Tim emphasizes safety first, instructing on proper lockout tagout procedures and handling of the machine. He guides you through setting entry guides, adjusting machine rails, and realigning shear dyes, all while maintaining a focus on precision and safety. This tutorial is perfect for those looking to efficiently modify the width of their roof panels. Whether you’re downsizing from a 20-inch setup to an 18-inch wide coil or making other adjustments, Tim’s clear instructions and tips will help ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, Tim covers the importance of feeding material correctly and making test cuts to verify the accuracy of the changeover.

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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:15 – Intro

0:24 – Safety first

1:02 – Entry guide adjustment

1:44 – Width change

4:02 – Feed material into the machine

4:28 – Entry drum rolls adjustment

5:23 – Feed machine through the machine

5:39 – Shear die adjustments

6:57 – Feed material through the shear dies and tighten

7:33 – Test cut

8:00 – Double check shear dies are aligned

8:12 – Run a test panel out

8:48 – Outro

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