How To Change A Profile – NTM’s WAV™ Machine 12-1F to 16-4F

Join Bryan from New Tech Machinery in their latest video as he demonstrates the process of converting the WAV™ machine from the 12-1F profile to the 16-4F profile. Emphasizing safety first, Bryan walks you through each step, including setting the entry guide, removing auxiliary guide rods, adjusting center-forming rollers, and widening the machine’s exit width. He also provides detailed instructions on removing and installing shear blades and profile dies, ensuring proper alignment for the new profile. This comprehensive tutorial is essential for anyone looking to adapt their New Tech Machinery WAV™ machine for different panel profiles, offering clear, step-by-step guidance.

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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:24 – Intro

0:35 – Safety first and remove the covers

1:17 – Entry guide

2:26 – Center forming rollers and auxiliary guide rods

4:10 – Exit guide

4:48 – Remove 12-1F shear dies

5:30 – Add an additional shear blade

6:36 – Install the 16-4F shear dies

10:10 – Run a sample piece through the dies and test-cut

11:31 – Outro

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