7 Reasons to Buy a New Tech Machinery Trailer With Your Machine

Having safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for your machine is crucial for your business. That’s why NTM has a trailer specifically designed for your machine. Tom, Senior Account Manager, goes over the seven reasons you should buy a New Tech Machinery trailer with your machine.

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Why should you buy an New Tech Machinery trailer with your new roof panel machine? Here are seven reasons why.

Hey, this is Tom from New Tech Machinery. In today’s video, we’re gonna go over seven reasons why NTM trailers are purpose-built for your new SSQ II, SSH, or SSR roof panel machine or maybe your 5E Crimp or BG7 box gutter machine.

One, with massive 12,000 pound capacity and tandem axles, our trailers are custom designed with reinforcement points and strategic areas to ensure that the machine’s weight is adequately supported, allowing for balance and safe transportation.

Two, the trailer is equipped with crane lifting eyes at each corner allowing for efficient lifting of the machine right to the roof line when running longer lengths of panels, saving you precious time and effort in the field.

Three, at New Tech Machinery, safety is a top priority. That is why our trailer was built with safety in mind, including electronic brakes with a breakaway kit to make sure your machine is safe during transportation.

Four, we know that having a trailer that is safe and compliant is important as a business owner. That’s why we are proud to say that our trailer is NATM compliant.

Five, a tidy job site is always important. That’s why our trailer is designed with strategically placed metal scrap trays at the exit ends of the machine to capture metal scraps from shearing.

Six, safe transportation of your machine is vital. That’s why we designed our trailer to be perfectly balanced and with a loaded tongue weight of only 750 pounds.

Seven. Lastly, the trailer is supported by four drop foot stabilizing jacks, one on each corner of the machine.

Please reach out to any of our sales professionals to get a quote and learn more about our products. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.