The Costs of Servicing Your NTM Portable Gutter or Roof Panel Machine

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Rick Zand|June 17, 2024

If you’re experiencing a problem with your New Tech Machinery (NTM) portable gutter or roof and wall panel machine, proper servicing is essential. While many issues can be resolved using the owner’s manual, it’s important to follow instructions and not try to fix the machine yourself if you’re unsure what you’re doing. 

If you run into a machine issue, you want to know what’s involved in getting service. We recommend not waiting until something goes wrong. Find out now so that if there is a problem, you can manage it right away.

Also, make sure to maintain your machine to keep it in top shape.  

In this article, you’ll learn the various service options, pricing, and what you can expect as an NTM machine owner.

MACH II combo gutter machine inside a box truck

Service Options

NTM offers two primary service options for machine owners:

  1. In-House Service: You can bring your machine to NTM’s facility for servicing. You are responsible for machine transportation, hourly service fees, and cost of parts as needed.
  2. On-Site Service: A technician visits your location to service the machine. You are responsible for covering the service technician’s travel, incidentals, hourly service fees, and costs of parts as needed.

Both options include similar services, but the logistics and costs vary.

NTM Machine Quote Checklist

Reporting Your Problem

If you encounter a machine issue, your first step is to contact our service department to speak to a technician. You can submit a form or call us during business hours M-F at 303-294-0538 and choose option 2. We may be able to help you solve your problem over the phone. 

The technician will likely ask for your machine’s serial number and pictures or videos showing the issue, so be prepared. You may have to place your name in the queue for a callback. 

Common Issues

The most common issues that require servicing typically involve:

  • Profile Problems: Issues with the machine not making the profile correctly.
  • Maintenance Neglect: Problems arising from lack of regular maintenance, such as seized bearings or loose components.

Remote Assistance

NTM offers extensive phone support can help with:

  • Initial Diagnosis: Many issues can be resolved over the phone by providing the machine’s serial number and pictures or videos of the problem.
  • Parts Shipping: If a part needs to be replaced, it can often be shipped directly to you for a quicker resolution.
Trainer training a new customer on a SSQ II™

Scheduling an Appointment

If you cannot resolve the problem over the phone and need to schedule an appointment:

  • Contact NTM: Call NTM to discuss the issue with a technician to establish that the machine will need hands-on servicing. If you’ve reached out, they’ll have a record of your conversations and previous issues.
  • Schedule With Our Service Department: If you need to make an appointment, you can schedule a suitable time to either bring your machine in for servicing or have a technician come to you.

In-House Service Costs

If you bring your machine to NTM’s facility, expect the following: 

  • Transport Costs: You are responsible for transporting the machine to and from the facility.
  • Service Rate: The service rate is $150 per hour. For example, if the service takes 12 hours, the labor cost will be $1,800.
  • Parts: Any parts required for the repair are additional to the labor cost except those under warranty.

On-Site Service Costs

For on-site service, the costs are more comprehensive due to travel expenses:

  • Service Rate: The same hourly rate of $150 applies.
  • Travel Charges: These vary based on distance and travel requirements:
    • Local Trip Charge: For service within 175 miles of NTM’s location.
    • Extended Trip Charge: For service beyond 175 miles.
    • Air Travel: If air travel is necessary, costs include airfare, car rental, and other travel-related expenses.
  • Accommodation: Hotel costs are estimated at $200 per night, with a per diem of $65 per day for meals and incidental expenses.
  • Parts: Any necessary parts are an additional cost.

Warranty Repairs

For machines under warranty, certain repairs may be covered, but transport costs remain the owner’s responsibility:

  • Warranty Coverage: Labor and parts for warranted repairs are free to the customer once the machine is at the facility.
  • Transport Costs: Even if the issue is a manufacturing defect, you must cover the cost of transporting the machine to and from NTM.


running gutter in shop

Importance of Maintenance

The best cure for any problem is preventative maintenance. Be sure to maintain your machine, including lubricating parts, cleaning rollers, and keeping it safe from moisture and the elements. Click here to learn more about maintaining your rollforming machine.

Regular maintenance can prevent many service issues. It is crucial to:

  • Tighten Chains and Bolts: Regularly check and tighten components.
  • Inspect Rollers: Ensure rollers are in good condition and functioning correctly.
  • Lubricate regularly: This includes drive gears, chains, and shear blades.
  • Perform Routine Checks: Regularly inspect the machine to identify potential issues early.

Click here to download the machine maintenance checklist.

Training and New Machine Setup

NTM also offers on-site training and new machine setup:

  • New Machine Training: Training is free to new machine owners and their crews at our facility in Aurora, Colorado. On-site training costs $750 plus travel expenses for a full day. Some training may require more or less time, depending on the machine and its configuration.
  • Operator Training: You can schedule training for your machine operators at the standard service rate at our Aurora, Colorado plant. Trainers are available to come to you; however, you will incur travel, hotel, and incidental costs for the trainer. 

Other Resources

In addition to contacting our service department, we suggest you access our website and Learning Center for articles and videos that can correct your problem. Here, you’ll find information on changeovers, corrections and installations, resetting the controllers, and much more.

To learn more about our resources, click here.


Understanding the costs and processes of servicing your NTM portable gutter or roof and wall panel machines can help you plan and budget effectively. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to issues can minimize downtime and keep your machines running smoothly. For more detailed information or to schedule a service, contact NTM’s customer service team.

For information about our portable gutter or metal roof and wall panel machines, contact us.

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