The 5 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

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Katie Bowles|December 10, 2019

The metal construction industry is filled with constantly changing standards, products, and processes to understand in order to do your job safely and efficiently. If you and your team use metal rollforming machines to manufacture metal roof panels, wall panels, or gutter systems, then you understand how difficult it can be to stay up to date on all the latest industry standards and trends.

That’s why we created the Rollforming Learning Center! We’re dedicated to publishing regular blog articles, videos, and downloadable resources to help answer any questions you may have about rollforming equipment, metal construction standards and processes, industry trends, and more.

The Rollforming Learning Center was designed with a simple goal in mind: Partner with industry experts to create educational resources that help you

● Understand the metal rollforming and construction industry and processes involved within this operation

● Make informed decisions when purchasing a portable rollforming machine for your business or specific job

● Understand and fix common problems associated with this equipment

Since we started our Rollforming Learning Center, we’ve grown to over 850 YouTube followers, and over 100 blog subscribers! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch any of our videos, read our blog articles, or download our resources. We’re able to keep creating new content because of all your help and feedback.

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The Best Rollforming and Metal Construction Articles of 2019

(article) The 6 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

Why You Should Start a Roof or Gutter Business with a Portable Rollformer

Starting up a new business can be daunting – no matter what industry you’re looking to enter.

That being said, starting a gutter installation, metal roof contracting, or “chop and drop” supply business might be simpler than you realize. It all begins with your company having the machinery and equipment needed for production, including a portable rollformer.

In this article, we cover:

● Why you might want to start your own gutter/roofing business

● When the best time to start a new business is

● Why buy a portable rollformer to start your business

● Ways of paying for a rollforming machine

● An excellent opportunity for new business owners

(article) The 6 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

New Tech Machinery Machinists: Who Are They & What Do They Do?

“Machinist” tends to be a general term for someone who works with machines to make products or to create the pieces and parts used to manufacture products. However, every machinist has a different background story of how they came to be in their current job and the experiences they’ve had in their p­­osition.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce Shawn Bennington, a machinist who works in the shop at the New Tech Machinery headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Shawn came to us a month or two ago with a story of his own about a chance encounter he had with one of our customers, which led to a discussion about his role as a machinist. Not only did we get a better grasp on his everyday tasks, but we discovered what keeps Shawn at NTM and makes him an asset to our business.

(article) The 6 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

4 Common Problems with a Portable Roof Panel Rollforming Machine

No matter what type of product or piece of machinery you own, you’ll likely run into a problem at some point during its use.

Yes, this even includes such equipment as portable roof panel rollforming machines.

Luckily, most of the roof panel rollformer issues that you could run into have been experienced and successfully corrected in the past.

One of the easiest ways to prevent an issue before it happens is staying educated on potential problems and knowing what to look for before it turns into a significant issue.

In this article, we cover four common rollformer problems, why they occur, and how to fix them:

● Oil canning

● Panel curvature 

● Shear misalignment

● Markings/scratches transferring onto panels

(article) The 6 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

Metal Roofing & Rollforming Glossary: A Guide to Industry Terms You Need to Know

Metal roofing and rollforming are important and common operations in the construction, architecture and residential building industries. However, they can be quite difficult to understand for those on the outside of this trade or anyone new to the industry. The various parts that make up a rollforming machine, what they do, everything that goes into a metal roof, and problems that may arise when working with these machines is enough to make someone’s head turn.

This comprehensive guide helps simplify the complicated jargon and processes often used in metal roofing and rollforming, and collects it all in one glossary for you to refer to in a pinch. 

We’ve included definitions for:

● Rollforming Definitions: The rollforming process and different rollforming machines

● Metal Roofing Definitions: Parts of a roof, and installation accessories

● Other Metal Roofing Definitions: Metal roofing types and components associated with metal roofing

● Problems with metal roofing and rollforming metal coils or sheets

(article) The 6 Best Rollforming & Metal Construction Articles of 2019

What is METALCON? A Look at Metal Construction’s Annual Industry Event

This year, METALCON celebrated its 29th year of this educational and innovative trade show and conference solely dedicated to those in the metal construction industry. The conference this year took place October 16-18, 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. 

If you’re new to the metal construction business, or haven’t been to METALCON before, there are some things to know about this truly one-of-a-kind trade show. 

In this article you learn:

● What is METALCON

● What speakers, sessions and keynote addresses will be there

● Why you should attend

● Who exhibits at METALCON

● NTM’s role at METALCON

Final Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who has read our blog articles, watched our videos, or downloaded any of the resources we’ve put together! Another thank you to those who have liked, shared, or commented on any piece we’ve posted on our LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

From all of us at New Tech Machinery, we wish you a happy holiday season, wonderful new year and a very prosperous 2020!

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