Why Jess Invested In A New Tech Machinery Gutter Machine

We know investing in a New Tech Machinery gutter machine is a commitment and full of unknowns. That’s why Jess from Superior Seamless Gutters, who has 15 years of experience in the gutter world, wanted to share why he bought a New Tech Machinery gutter machine and started his business.

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My name is Jess Riley. My business is Superior Seamless Gutters out of Gillette, Wyoming.

I got started in the gutter business. My boss had a gutter machine sitting out in the field. I told him I could run it.

We cleaned it up. Got it all going. And from there, I ended up buying it off him.

The machine was a new tech five-inch gutter machine.

My primary customers are all residential people, builders, and general contractors. They find me on Google and advertising through the city of Gillette.

My work is most exciting because no job is ever the same. Everything’s always different from one job to the other.I came to new tech machinery because I trust their products and I like their employees.

My next project is working for a general contractor out at Black Hills Energy running some six-inch gutter. And then, from there, we’ll switch it back over to five and start doing some more residential for the homeowners.

I’ve been in the business for 15 years. You’re starting out in a gutter business, take it slow, work with your customers, do quality workmanship and timely works real good.

I’ve only got one guy out there that is doing quality work. Him and I get along good.

We work together. If he needs something, I try to have it and get it to him. And the same thing with him. No problems with my competitors because we get along