Why A WAV and MACH II Owner Bought A New Tech Machinery SSQ II

Explore Mike Lemke’s journey from box siding to dominating the rollforming industry with New Tech Machinery’s WAV, Mach II and SSQ II machines in this insightful video – a must-watch for every aspiring contractor!

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Dive into the world of metal roofing with Mike Lemke of Lemke Exteriors as he shares his 28-year journey in the industry from Moorhead, Minnesota. In this video, Mike discusses the evolution of his business, the transition from box siding to owning multiple New Tech Machinery roll formers, and how these machines have boosted efficiency and broadened his service range. Find out why Mike chooses NTM for his high-end residential and light commercial projects, and get a glimpse into the future trends of the construction industry. Whether you’re considering a New Tech roll former or looking to expand your business, Mike’s insights and experiences are invaluable. Watch now to learn from a seasoned pro how New Tech Machinery can transform your operations and help you stand out in the competitive market.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:15 – How did Mike get started?

0:44 – How many NTM machines does Mike have?

1:07 – Who are Mike’s primary customers?

1:40 – Why did Mike buy the SSQ II?

2:01 – What’s the relationship like with NTM?

2:11 – Why did Mike buy the WAV machine?

2:32 – How well has Mike’s NTM machine run over the years?

2:48 – What is Mike’s experience with the service team?

3:03 – What’s Mike’s first project with his SSQ II?

3:24 – What are some of the trends Mike has noticed recently?

4:05 – Why Mike loves his NTM gutter machines?

4:40 – What is the hardest thing right now in the industry?

5:22 – Outro

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