New Tech Machinery SSQ II™ MultiPro Shear Assembly Overview

The shear or guillotine of a post-cut roof panel machine cuts the newly formed metal panel to length after it exits the machine. In this video, Chuck Burch from the New Tech Machinery Service department discusses the components of the hydraulically powered shear on the NTM SSQ II™ MultiPro portable rollforming machine and covers maintenance, safety, and basic operation. The shear is extremely dangerous, so always operate the machine with proper covers and guards in place. Be sure to always turn off and lockout the machine before performing any type of maintenance or work.

Machine should never be operated without the guards in place. Otherwise sever injury can occur. Machine must be operated by a competent trained individual and never be operated by a person who has not had proper training, studied the video and the latest operating manual found at Failure to operate correctly or without guards can result in severe injury.