NTM’s Metal Market Update: The Latest Trends For 2023

Adam Mazzella, President of New Tech Machinery, and Terry McGuire, Vice President of New Tech Machinery, discuss the current state of the metal market from MetalCon 2023.

In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:24 – What’s the metal market like from a machinery standpoint?

1:24 – Is the resident segment still strong for metal roofing?

2:03 – Are customers buying NTM machines because of tax breaks?

2:50 – Are NTM distributors busy right now?

3:24 – What is the market like for material suppliers?

4:04 – What’s new on the material side at METALCON for 2023?

5:01 – Is Coreline a residential or commercial product?

6:17 – Outro

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