How to Install the Flush Wall FWQ100 Profile Tooling in an NTM SSQ II™

The SSQ II™ MultiPro roof panel machine has 15 available profiles that be changed by one person in 45 minutes or less. In this video, Chuck Burch from the New Tech Machinery Service department demonstrates the profile installation procedure for the 1″ flush wall FWQ100 profile. Refer to your manual for information on how to changeover to the FWQ150 profile.

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Make sure the machine is turned off and proper lockout/tagout procedures are followed before beginning any work on the machine.

Machine should never be operated without the guards in place. Otherwise, severe injury can occur. Machine must be operated by a competent trained individual and never be operated by a person who has not had proper training, studied the video and the latest operating manual found here. Failure to operate correctly or without guards can result in severe injury.

Always reference your machine user manual for detailed information. Download a digital copy of your manual here.