How To Fix Excessive Width Movement in Your New Tech Machinery Machine

Struggling with excessive width movement in your machine? Watch Nate Roston’s quick fix for eliminating this common issue.

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In this handy guide, Nate Roston from New Tech Machinery dives into solving a common issue many face with their panel machines: excess width movement. If you’ve been struggling with panels that just don’t look right, Nate’s tutorial is a game-changer. He’ll walk you through each step to fix misalignments caused by the acme shaft and alignment tubes, ensuring your machine delivers flawless panels.


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:20 – Intro

0:27 – Safety first

0:34 – Problem 1: Excessive width movement in the acme shaft

1:17 – Problem 2: Excessive movement on the alignment tubes

1:34 – Tools you need

1:46 – Remove the tooling above the rod that you want to fix

2:04 – How to fix problem 1: excessive width movement in the acme shaft

2:32 – How to fix problem 2: excessive movement on the alignment tubes

4:19 – Verify that your gold bar is parallel to the string

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4:34 – Outro

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