Easy Steps To Unloading Your Machine From The Delivery Truck

Learn how to safely offload your new machine with expert tips from David at New Tech Machinery!

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Just got your new machine and need to offload it safely? Watch this video with David from New Tech Machinery, our Shipping Lead, as he walks you through the step-by-step process to offload your machine correctly using the right tools and techniques.


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In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:09 – Intro

0:15 – Tools you will need

0:27 – Offloading A Skid From An Enclosed Trailer

2:03 – Offloading A Trailer From An Enclosed Trailer

6:06 – Offloading A Skid from A Flatbed From the Loading Dock

7:05 – Offloading A Trailer From A Flatbed From The Loading Dock

8:03 – Offloading A Trailer From A Flatbed From the Side

11:01 – Offloading A Skid From A Flatbed From The Side

12:58 – Learning Center

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