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Dive into the five-day path to becoming an NTM certified trainer with Ben and the team—gain expert knowledge on panel machines, enjoy provided lunches, and leave ready to teach others!

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Join the NTM service Team, as they unveil the five-day journey to becoming a certified NTM panel machine trainer. From the moment you schedule your training, expect a comprehensive guide on accommodations, a daily 8 AM start with lunch provided, and hands-on sessions with NTM experienced. Dive deep into machine specifics, from the SSQ II™ and its notching system to the SSH™ and SSR™ models, ensuring you leave with thorough operational knowledge and ready to train others. Hear firsthand from recent trainees at NB Handy about their learning experience, lunches included! For more insights and resources, don’t forget to visit our learning center. Watch now to see what it takes to become a New Tech Machinery trainer!


In this video:

0:00 – Teaser

0:15 – Intro

0:23 – Scheduling and accommodations

0:43 – Who will be your trainers?

0:50 – Day 1

1:09 – Day 2

1:37 – Day 3

1:53 – Day 4

1:59 – Day 5

2:18 – Hear from a recent training group

2:55 – Outro

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