Lead Times: 1-2 weeks for MACH II™ 5", 6", and 5"/6" Combo Gutter Machines | 22 weeks for SSQ II™ MultiPro, SSH™ MultiPro, and SSR™ MultiPro Jr. Roof Panel Machines | 2-4 weeks for SSH, SSR, and SSQ II machine roller sets. *subject to change

5 Things You Need to Know About Buying Rollforming Equipment From NTM

Welcome to New Tech Machinery! We get a lot of questions from people and businesses interested in portable standing seam roof panel machines and seamless gutter machines, so we compiled a list of the top 5 we get asked on a daily basis.

Questions answered:

►Intro 00:00

►What are the differences between NTM’s roof panel machines? 0:20

►How much do portable rollforming machines cost? 1:02

►Do NTM machines come with warranties? 1:31

►How long does it take for a machine to ship? 1:45

►What if my machine needs service? 2:02

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