Resetting Your PLC Controller: A Guide to Recalibration

Machine service & troubleshooting
Rick Zand|May 2, 2024

Are you facing calibration issues with your PLC controller? If so, this guide will walk you through the process of resetting it to its factory settings. This can resolve many common calibration problems.

At New Tech Machinery (NTM), we’re committed to supporting our customers long after they’ve purchased our machines. We have service personnel available to answer any questions you may have. We recommend, however, that you check out the videos and articles in our Learning Center, as you may find what you’re looking for faster.

Let’s dive into the steps:

Step 1: Access the Setup Menu

  1. Turn On Your Machine: Power up your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).
  2. Navigate to the Home Screen: Once your machine is turned on, locate the home screen of your PLC.
  3. Enter Setup: On the home screen, find and press the Setup button.
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Step 2: Locate the Status Menu

  1. Find the Status Option: Within the Setup menu, scroll until you encounter an option labeled Status. Select it.
  2. Understanding the Status Screen: Here, you’ll typically see options like Back and Calibrate. However, the focus will be on a not-so-apparent feature.
The ghost button appearing on the PCL screen.
The Ghost button appears once you press down on the lower right corner of the screen. It will disappear again once your finger is off.

Step 3: Utilize the Ghost Button

  1. Discover the Ghost Button: In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, look for what is referred to as the “ghost button.” It might not be immediately visible but will appear when pressed.
  2. Reset Parameters: Press the ghost button. Although you might not see it, this action resets the wheel circumference and your stop reaction distance to the original factory settings.
    • Why Use the Ghost Button? If you’ve over-calibrated your machine using the Calibrate option, this button helps by reverting the manually adjusted parameters back to default. If repeated too many times, you won’t be able to recalibrate your machine.
    • Using the Ghost button will reset your Wheel Circumference and Stop Reaction Distance back to their original factory settings.
Run sequence screen
Run the sequence for five 16″ pieces to allow the machine to recalibrate. It may take more than one batch for full recalibration.

Step 4: Test the Reset

  1. Return to the Home Screen: After resetting, navigate back to the machine’s home screen.
  2. Enter Job Entry: Select Job Entry and program to run a small batch of five pieces, each around 16 inches in length.
  3. Execute the Run Sequence: Run the sequence and let the machine process the pieces.
  4. Measure Your Output: After the run, measure the pieces.
  5. Iterate if Necessary: If the measurements are incorrect, run another batch of five pieces. The goal is to allow the machine’s computer to recalibrate itself gradually. As accuracy improves, you can run longer pieces.

If You’re Still Having Issues

Resetting your PLC controller’s parameters to their original factory settings can often resolve calibration issues. If you’re not able to recalibrate after following these steps, reach out to our Service Department.

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