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Definition of a Portable Roof Panel Machine [In Under 100 Words]

How would you define a portable roof panel machine? Check out this short article for the precise definition (in under 100 words) of these popular machines.

Julianne Calapa September 14, 2018
(article) Definition of a Portable Roof Panel Machine [In Under 100 Words]

What is a portable roof panel rollforming machine?

A portable roof panel rollforming machine is a condensed, transportable piece of machining equipment used to rollform metal coils and sheets into metal roof or wall panels. To make a panel, the flat metal coil/sheet is run through a series of forming stations inside the machine that manipulate the metal into a desired profile. 

Portable roof panel machines are purchased, financed, or leased by commercial and residential roofing contractors, panel suppliers and manufacturers, and other construction industry professionals.

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Metal Roofing Rollforming Glossary