New Tech Machinery Launching Software Update for UNIQ® Control System

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Katie Bowles|August 4, 2022
Service Technician pointing to UNIQ Controller screen

AURORA, CO — New Tech Machinery (NTM) is pleased to announce it’s launching a programming software update for the UNIQ® Control System. Several limitations and bugs in the previous controller’s programming have made it difficult for users to operate their machine consistently while using the controller with their SSQ II™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine. The latest software update is a comprehensive change and update from the previous interface and will address all of these issues.

The software update is based on customer feedback and Service Technician use in the field. As of August 2022, version 2.1.3, will provide machine operators with a simplified interface and more reliable use of their machines while keeping the safety functionality top of mind. 

Improvements made in this software update include:

  • Improved touchscreen usability
  • Simplified screen layout and design
  • Enhanced operation feedback and warnings
  • Improved functionality and control when running or editing or changing programmed lengths of panels 

“One of the challenges I saw early at NTM was that we had missed the mark on ease of use with our flagship controller. It was clear to me that we needed to go back to the drawing board. We are now ready to introduce a program that we expect will meet all our customer’s expectations,” Terry McGuire, Vice President of New Tech Machinery, explained.

Visit for more information and detailed instructions on how to update the latest software for your computer controller. You will need the proper SD card and thumb drive to download and install the latest software update for your UNIQ Control System. 

Contact the New Tech Machinery Service department and request Maria Ortiz for assistance coordinating the proper SD card and flash drive if you do not have them. She can also coordinate with a Service Technician if you need training, assistance, or have any questions about downloading software update version 2.1.3 for your UNIQ controller.


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